Men in Sweden no better than men in India

Today a Swedish girl was raped by five men. She was in, what I consider a “safe” neighbourhood in Sundbyberg, just walking home from the subway station. Many commute by subway in Stockholm. Sundbyberg is its “own town” within Stockholm, just like some other cities. Sundbyberg is a own town in the Stockholm area. It is a good area and peaceful. However Sundbyberg has camera surveillance, so these men will be identified most likely.

The men that raped the 22-year-old women, according to, where five men around their 20’s. The woman was physically held down during the rape, according to the article. How unlucky for the women that no-one saw it and tried to stop it. She is in bad shape mentally, writes. writes the men where 180cm-185cm tall and had dark clothes. This is a description that fits the majority of the Swedish population of men.

Rape is always wrong! Fight against rape!
Rape is always wrong! Fight against rape!

I think this is terrible. It is to close to my own backyard. I have sometimes felt scared walking home from the subway. There are violent crimes every now and then. I try to not put myself in those situations. I always call the safety number if I feel threatened. There is the possibility to get a guard walking you home if someone is i.e. following you.

And in India there has been yet another gang-bang-rape, according to According to the article a 29-year-old women in North India has been raped.

According to the Indian women was taken and then raped. That is bad.

When I was younger and I had been to a party in another town then where I lived. There was a foreigner sitting on the train. Nothing wrong with that. But afterwards he followed me. I ran to my bike and unlocked it fast. There was people among the bikes. I took the bike as fast as I could and then got away from there as fast as I could. I am sure he would have done something. A criminal act. But I see this before it is coming.

I have seen it many times and I have done something to prevent it each time. Run as hell. That is what I am saying. On my home away from the subway… I take a really dark route. However after seeing two men in their 30’s walking towards the woods… just 200 meters from me. I ran. I ran. I ran. I got so scared. I think there was a great risk for something and my reptile brain took over. I ran up the hill and made is safely home. I am not scared in darkness and loneliness, but I am scared if there are people. People are scary. Sometimes there is a reason we are scared. Our bodies see things faster than our minds. This is the reason for sixth sense feelings.

I hope they apprehend these guys. I do not want them walking on my streets. Put them in jail. I am pretty pissed off it happens in my area.

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