Are you a human being or a human robot?

This philosophical question is argued by one person to another in this YouTube video. He is trying to define the essence of being in relation to human being. they are asking themselves why we let ourselves become robots by interacting with machines. In the long run they are saying that you start acting like the machines in response to other humans since you do so much interaction with machines.

I actually think this is an interesting question. Do we become more machines when we interact with them? Or do the machines have to adapt themselves to us? This is actually a scientific field of its own. It is in the area of human-computer-interaction. Since I have knowledge in this area it isn’t so easy to say you become the machine just because you use it. You adapt to the machine yes. There are some ethical questions we have to ask ourselves when we let us be effected by machines. How does computers, cars, elevators, coffee machines, mobile phones, the automatic switch board, the electronic games etcetera affect you? Does it affect you? Of course it does. How does it effect you? Are you becoming more like the machine? Or are we creating machines more like us?

It is not so easy to say when machines affect us bad or good. Everything isn’t always so easy. Let us take the handwriting as example. Children are more and more introduced to the computer as a learning device in schools. This means more time with computers than with pencils. Does this make the children less skilled in handwriting? Will they write uglier and slower? Will they be faster at writing at computers? When are the two different skills better? They are of course better for different reasons. Sometimes handwriting is necessary and sometimes computer skills is better.

All systems affect us differently. I still prefer a human switch board than a computerized that certainly doesn’t understand my language. How many time hasn’t one been frustrated by the machine? I think that machines affect us, some stress us, some release our pressure. Some are good and some are just simply annoying. This is all dependent on the situation. Will we act more like computers when interacting with them? Well, I do not think so, but I am certain different systems affect us in different ways. Some make us sleepy, others makes us stressed and so on.

These questions are interesting and listen to this “radio” show on Youtube. Think. I challenge you to put up your pro’s and no’s to what of their arguments you think are valid and not. Write, talk, blog and change.

Video on link was removed.