Cruel world – some have nothing and other’s have 2,5 billion SEK in salery

I think that Cook, the Apple CEO can take a salery reduction on 99%. I cannot even understand how the Apple company even could give such a high salery as 2,5 billion SEK last year? Even if he now gets 1% of his former salery, as the article in says, he still gets more than entire villages in a developing country get in many many years. I think it is absurd that a person can have saleries over millions and millions of SEK. Or any other currency about the same value. I even happen to think 1,2 million per year is a great deal. Many executives get saleries like that. I think it is a joke that some get so much while a full time worker kan get a total of 120 000 sek per year before taxes. Absurd. I do not think people diserve many millions in salery. That is a over capacity of money going to the wrong cause. Employ another person, so people do not have to work as hard on the floor in the factories. Afterall people have fainted in Apple factories. Absurd. Apple should be ashamed. I think the salery could be even lowered more. 27 million SEK per year, the Apple CEO still gets, according to All CEO:s should lower their many million dollar saleries. Hasn’t anyone noticed a economic crises?

And here I am, just wanting to be debt free. Free from loans on houses and student loans. That is it.

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