The world temperature will go up no matter what reason

We all know that how the environment is developing right now, no matter why, will increase the temperature on Earth. This is a fact. There are however those that believe it’s not affected by us, but the sun spots. Others say its effected by us. Some say different reasons for it and I have my own belief.

We do heat the environment. Our i.e. wireless networks heat the environment. I mean just look at microwaves… they heat the food in the microwave. Well. Then we heat up our houses. Since we heat the house – we heat the surrounding environment. The car engine heats up when functioning, so that it heats the surrounding environment isn’t so strange. This goes for all products that get warm when turned on – the computer, the lights, the TV, the Ipad, the mobile phone etcetera. So that we aren’t adding to the heating of the planet is bull. However all those things can be turned off. So this could probably be measured if we all did or if a scientist had a controlled environment to test it in. Well. Then we have the green house gases. There the scientists are not agreeing. Some say we effect the environments degrees other say we don’t. Well. I know one smart person that doesn’t think that we do.

I do not know, so I won’t say anything. But I do know that we poison the environment and it’s not good for us or the animal or plant life on Earth. Well, we also add to our population and use the nature resources without thinking about the fact that all the nature resources will come to an end. We won’t live long enough to see new mountains form, nor new oil to take form. So recycling we all need to start doing. We also need to stop mining our mountains in enormous pace, there are only so much mountains.

We in the industrialized world need to start thinking of the environment. Make technology that doesn’t heat up the surrounding environment. We must create energy that doesn’t consume non renewable energy resources.

We must teach people to live with the environment and not against it. We most use stuff that doesn’t consume much energy nor in production, nor in use. All houses should have their own eco system, sustainable without any energy from other than renewable energy sources. Solar panels, wind turbines and so on. Stuff that doesn’t strain the environment. We must use stuff that is biodegradable.

Also we can turn off stuff when we are not at home. There are solar panel driven lighting even for indoor usage we can use to scare away thief’s. We can also have solar panels on our houses for getting power for the lighting.

We shouldn’t allow TV manufacturers to leave the “turn off button” choice when they create a TV. This many manufacturers do, i.e. Samsung. I think this is bad. On old TV:s we could turn off the TV for real, now they are constantly on standby. Imagine how many TV:s are on standby all over the world.

All new housing should have a turn off button for all stuff in the hallway, where aquarium, alarm, refrigerator and so on are not included in the turn off function. Really you should be able to choose this in a panel all the stuff that should be turned off. Then nothing would be on standby.
Intelligent houses so to speak.

Also all houses build in cold countries should be built to heat themselves, like passive houses. Also the windows should keep in the heat. Well all those things should be legislated for all new buildings. Energy effective housing should be a must, or else no new buildings… I think the builders would comply to legislation.

Then to drive the car development further – legislate. Set a deadline. Not allow new cars on the market that cannot live up to gasoline or other fuels maximum limit per 10km. This we could do for even more stuff too. Not allow other than energy class A on kitchen supplies and so on. Very easy to legislate. People would have to comply when changing to new stuff if they do not buy used stuff. This way also old stuff might be used longer.

Also all stuff that is produced should be produced so they are easily recyclable. If electronics have different materials then they should be removable from each other very easily. They should not be mended to each other like they are today, if there is no easy function to get them apart. The best way would be to have only one material. This the scientist must reasearch more. No dangerous substances should be allowed.

Also in clothes – we should only allow clothes with no harmful substances, in production and end product. If the manufacturer cannot comply – no import. Also all factories should have modern cleaning and drainage system. If they cannot comply – then they should not be allowed to be imported.

When we change i.e. a computer the manufacturers should have to make the old computers and the new computers compatible. How? So that the parts inside just could be swapped. So that the shell didn’t need to be changed. This way we would get the better computer inside, without having to change everything. I.e. Cars should have easy changeable parts, so that they could be changed and use less fuel when new inventions come. Everything should be build in modules. This could be legislated.

I have a lot of those ideas and legislation can create a demand quickly. If companies want to continue producing they will have to comply. No import of dangerous materials should be allowed.

Dangerous nano particles shouldn’t be allowed. Research must be done. No more usage of nano particles in hygienic products. No parabens in hygienic products. No harmful plastics in any kitchen wear. Well. There are a lot of stuff we odd to do. These are just like a drop in the sea, but if we start this, many people will start living better.

The government should pay for solar panels on all houses. All houses should have at least one on each roof.

Also having electric signs on buildings and such strains the environment. We should go back to old fashioned posters that use no electricity. And if they use it, they most have a solar panel driven lighting and an environmentally friendly lighting.

Light bulbs should have replaceable pieces easily, instead of changing the whole light bulb. One should only change one piece inside. The construction must be improved. Less waist. Less consumption.

You can choose to use food that has no substances other than concentrating agents. Other biproducts are not necessary (read article in Expressen to learn more). You can use glass containers instead of plastic containers for the food. This helps, according to the article in Expressen. Demand substance free food from your dealers. To make food last longer we have to use concentrating agents.

Well, there are a lot you can invent. And do better. Do it. If you are smart, you invent things only good for Earth and all its life.

If you all do not do it now today… then you might not have a place to live on 40 years from now. Some islands might be under water, even big cities. So what is your choice?

See a clip about the temperature rise here: (20121126) (20121126)

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