I read a open letter to the Swedish prime minister

A girl has written a open letter to the Swedish prime minister (Stadsminister) Fredrik Reinfeldt. There is a article about her in todays newspaper. She has written that she during the past years has had 10 apartments on second hand short time leases and held 16 odd jobs of different types in the service sector. She has over the years never been away from work, sometimes she has worked more than 16 hours and taken all hours given to her on short temp jobs. She says Fredrik should like her, she is exactly the type of person that works to make ends meat and pays her own bills. Still she cannot afford to buy an apartment and be in debt for the rest of her life. Many times the employers have done everything not to give her a permanent job. She needs an operation of her leg due to all the heavy lifting she has done over the years. However Swedish health care no longer finances those types of operations and she has to find 21000 SEK to pay the operation herself. Her leg has gotten worse, she doesn’t have the money to put on the leg to fix it. The doctor told her it was a common problem for women in service jobs with heavy lifting.

She talks about the apartment problems in Stockholm and her bad luck in finding her own apartment. She talkes about the problems surrounding a girl giving out her phone number on sites for second hand leasing apartments.

Many people, according to the article, have commented the girl Annas open letter to Fredrik. She is thinking he might have read it or heard about it. Many have contacted her. Some have talked with her, others have written her. She is far from alone with all the issues she has experienced in Sweden, she says in the article.

Well, I am not that far away from her in having a strange life. I don’t dare to even count the number of apartments I have had over the years… But I have never had to lease an apartment second hand. I am smart enough to find first hand leases. I don’t dare to count how many odd jobs I have hold over the years… they are so much more since I am so much older than the girl in the article. If I count all my jobs, summers jobs, extrajobs etcetera… haha we are well over hundred jobs… so her 16 jobs is nothing. And taxes she is also writing about… oh mine I have payed a lot. I haven’t had steady jobs all the time, but I have still earned money. I have also been unemployed at times, which she hasn´t if I understood the article right. I am however seldom unemployed for too long. The past years I haven’t been unemployed until last year and this year really. However I have been on child leave… so the time for getting so called unemployement benefit hasn’t been that much. I however go back at a-kassa old period each time since I have not worked for one year entirely. It doesn’t matter I have earned a new period. I still have to go on the old one as long as I go back within a year. Well. Over the years I have meet many bad employers, bad collegues and bad buinsesses. Sometimes I wonder how some companies can keep their work up since they are leaking so much money and doing such a bad job. Well. I have seen a lot.

I pay a lot of tax, probably much more than the girl, so I think I have financed my own insurances and probably many others welfare too. Even if I don’t hold a steady job and I am unemployed at times I am indeed a slave, a worker. I am a hard worker, I am good at what I do, but I don’t like the social arena where everyone must be a certain type to fit in. I will never fit in as long as people do not accept someone different. I have been at places where I did fit in. I like those places, but I have then just been a temp, just there to do a task.

A permanent job has seldom been a permanent job for me. I have been layed off with enormous amounts of collegues more than 4 times. I have been bullied at work places. I have meet a lot of bad people. And I have been scared. I also have physical limitations due to DNA, but that has never stopped me from working. I still go to work, even if I hardly can get out of bed or walk normally at times. I never complain, even if I walk like a old person, just missing the crutches. I am not perfect, but I have a soul and I consider myself humane. I try to learn from mistakes, sometimes I still redo old mistakes… sometimes on will, other times by accident. I try to learn. I try to be the best I can be, still I fail. I am my hardest critic and I most often want to improve me, sometimes I like me just as I am and at those times I do not try to improve.

I have over the years really been longing for a place to fit in. A place where I am accepted as I am. However, I haven’t found such a place… and I am not thinking I will either. Maybe I will, maybe I wont. Destiny will tell over time. Maybe I am learning even if I am never accepted just as I am. I think it’s hard to be accepted in Sweden… I will never be Swedish enough for this country. Not if every Swede doesn’t change and start accepting people as they are, not trying to “fit everyone” into the Swedish “norms”.

So if the girl is writing to Fredrik, I am not writing to Fredrik, I am writing to the Swedish population. Asking them to start accepting people. Stop labling people just because they are not “fit into the form”. Just accept. Start employing someone different.

I understand Anna and her apartment problem. I have another problem, I have to live in Stockholm, even though I never wanted to live her. Never ever.

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