Peaceful demonstration outside HM today

I like Peaceful methods for changing the world to a more humane place. Today yet another such action took place in Stockholm City. Peaceful demonstrates demonstrated their sympathy for the Cambodian workers at HM in Cambodia. They did this outside the HM store in the middle of Stockholm City, according to

According to, they demonstrated against the Cambodian textile workers situation. By sympathy they faked to pass out outside the HM store, according to They show their sympathy towards workers at the companies H&M, Inditex (Zara), Levi’s and GAP. These stores are large employers in Cambodia.

So maybe it’s time for everyone to pay a little more for the clothes. I am guessing adding 15 SEK to each clothes and give ALL that money to the textile workers would probably improve their way of life. Maybe it’s just that amount that is missing so that they do not have to push overtime so much.

I do not mind paying 15 SEK more for each garment made in Cambodia. Time to give the workers more salary and why not a christmas bonus this Christmas and FREE paid time off, so that they may spend new years with their family and friends? Please set a good example, greed won’t give you satisfaction.

According to the article HM supports higher salaries in Cambodia.

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