Marssten ser ut som en pyramid…. The Marchian rock has pyramide shape.

Marssten på Mars, bild länkad från originalet på March stone, imagelink to original source

Marssten på Mars, bild länkad från originalet på March stone, imagelink to original source

The shape of the triangular stone found on March looks very much like a pyramide on one side. In they say that the stone consists of materials found on Earth, on Hawaii. The stone consists of aluminum, sodium and potassium, according to the article.The dots are said to be were different samples have been taken by the Earth vessle.

Well, a upwards facing triangle has certain meanings. It´s means completed up in the sky. The triangle is also a symbol for trinity, the father, the son and the holy ghost, but this triangle is facing the wrong way. A triangle is also known to be a symbol for Horus eye, a God said to protect and guard.

And in the world of fiction it sometimes is the symbol of secret societies like the Illuminati, i.e. Dan Browns books.

However beauty ideals according to the “Gyllene snittet”, I do not know the English word for it, as said to have triangle shape. It´s a theory about what is considered beautiful, i.e. paintings.

If not talking about beauty and religion the triangle is also pretty common when people want to explain things, i.e. many theorist choose a triangle for the teachnings. The BBIC theory about children is explained with a triangle. Read more on the link below.

Even the money system contains triangular shapes, i.e. the American dollar bill, has a triangle on it.

In mathematics there are special ways to define and count triangles shapes and other stuff.

In Greek a triangle is ”trigonon”.

Instead of me writing history books, you can choose to look on the Internet or libraries yourself.

I happen to think it´s pretty funny that the rock found on March happens to have Earth like materials and I think coincidence happen to give us just the shape of a triangle… if not the ones operating the vessle that takes rock samples wanted it to find this shape of triangle so to speak. If they didn´t then… maybe destiny wants us to understand something? Or maybe it´s just one of those things… that don´t really mean a shit and here I am giving all those funny interpretations?

Well. For me triangles facing upwards are warning of something bad. So what is your choice?

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