Girls in Pakistan sold as slaves

Girls as young as four years old are sold as slave to strange men in Pakistan, according to this video clip from YouTube. Tribal elders are behind decisions to sell the young girls. Certain parts of Pakistan are not under the normal judgement systems. They have justice at these elders. Pakistan is trying to expand the modern court system the women being interviewed.

Women do not seem to have the same rights, if you read between the lines in this video.

Maybe it’s time to start to reform all these parts of the world were women are less worth more aggressively through peaceful methods to change the mens perspective on women. Men need to understand that without women there would be no men. No men at all. The humans would die out.  Maybe it’s for the best, as we are consuming the mother earth resources without any thought on how we impact the eco-system.

The world is very unequal in many aspects. And it’s us humans that are the driving force. Why do we not use it to do good? Why?

See the video I am referring too here:



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