IKEA has removed all women in advirtisments in Saudi Arabia

I know that people in Saudi Arabia are very sensitive to females. My father has worked there, so I know. He wasn’t allowed to look at any women. They where warned about looking at Saudi women. But that was when I was a kid, a looooong time ago, one would have thought they would have changed and become more modern. But I guess not. Still women cannot work everywhere, they cannot walk alone in public and many other things that we might find strange. But then, they are pretty rich, so the women can probably afford to not work, so to speak. And who says taking care of the kids and the household isn’t work? However not letting the women drive (source Expressen.se)… seems for me a little bit strange. But then, my parents had to be apart for a long period, since we weren’t allowed to come with if mother didn’t get married to my father. My mother chose not too. So I didn’t have to go there to live. I am thankful for not having to live there.

So having to read Expressen.se today about the IKEA catalogue with no grown women was a bit strange. However many companies make different adds in different countries. That is something everyone learns in marketing. Adapting adds to the audience. That is in fact what IKEA has done.

But I feel it strange that they couldn’t replace the women with a women dressed in Saudi clothes? I mean, the households after all contain women, don’t they? And I wonder why they removed all the women only in Saudi Arabia? Hmm. Did someone there want them to remove all women? They must have done some research I am guessing.

I just wish that they were not so sensitive to women. But I know about other countries with sensitive persons too. When adopting people send images of themselves. And for those images they get information from the agencies about what to show and not to show. Some countries are sensitive to skin, feet and such. Other countries don´t want images with household pets. There are many strange requests. But people looking to adopt adapt, just as IKEA did. IKEA adapted to the local market.

So with this I am saying IKEA is not alone there are many strange cultures for us here in the western world. We are all different. We are all sensitive to different things.

Maybe Saudi men are very sexual and get horny for nothing? ;O) Just joking. Couldn’t help it.

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