Unleashed Swedish Police dog killed a little terrier

A leashed terrier and his owner where out walking and around a corner there was a unleashed Police dog. The Police dog took off and killed the little terrier. 2 bites in the neck and the veterinarians couldn’t save the dog, so it later died. What a death to a 11,5-year-old dog. For this the owner only gets 1500SEK, according to Aftonbladet.se. The police dog is still on duty (according to Aftonbladet.se). If it wouldn’t have been a police dog it would have been killed by the state. I think this dog is dangerous, it should have been gagged. I think that the owner should get 10 000 SEK at least, since that is what it costs for her to buy a new terrier. Loosing a dear friend can never be replaced with money. It must have been a real trauma for the owner. Bad dog. Sad dog. One killed dog. One killer dog.

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