There is a certain glow to this Friday

I have been in meetings all day. I have even gotten praise twice today. Usually I have through the years of my life gotten used to taking shit, not all the time, but very often. But maybe I have been at the right place at the right time for once? Who knows? Only God. Mysterious are God’s ways.

Anyways today I dined at a restaurant and my colleuge asked me if it wasn’t singer and songwriter X in front of us. I started to look in my bag for my camera… then I thought… maybe she wants privacy? After all, she is dining… I said to my collegue… “It isn’t to nice to pick up the camera, right?” My collegue replayed “No, you are probably right.” So I let it be, even if she is world famous. She sat and dined right in front of me, at the other end of the bar. I had a really nice lunch in the company of actually terrific collegues for once. The food was also splendid and well cooked. It was a restaurant only for bookings. We who had no reservations… we had to eat by the bar. That was fine too, and it was worth it! The food was so delicious.

Twice in a week I have seen celebrities. Sunday last week I saw Robinson Robban, a docu-soap-artist. Well, he was actually better looking in real life than on TV… imagine that. Well, I thought of going to him and taking a photo… but I who am not really shy… didn’t. I was thinking of what I would have wanted if I was famous. I took a picture from long distance… but I was too late. I didn’t want to go after him. After all I am no stalker.

Well, I have had a awsome Friday. A good work day and now I only have a few months to go. One month passes so quickly. I believe this experience is beneficial in many ways.

Also tomorrow a good friend of mine comes to visit. That is something to look forward to. This is just a really wonderful Friday, the last working day for the week.

This Friday has had a certain glow to it. Having good company and seeing a really good singer.

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