Of course there is a Facebook virus, have you got it?

No, I am not talking about you being hocked on Facebook, that is not a virus, that is an addiction. No, I am talking about a virus effecting your Facebook account. The virus affects your Facebook account by sending out too many friend requests, according to DN.se. Even blocked people get the request, according to DN.se.

They are considering it’s a downloaded application that does it. However the article is poor with to little info. The information doesn’t say more than this. I am wondering how an application does it? If it’s on Facebook then I am wondering how Facebook has not detected what application it is? If it’s on the mobile phone… well, then people probably need to flash the software, the question is however if it is enough to make it to factory settings?

Facebook is always going to be subject to hackers. Some even work there according to the book Boy Kings. Well, why are you still using Facebook?

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