In Russia freedom of speech is huliganism

Pussi Riot performed a song in a church with critic against Putin and was now sentenced to 2 years of jail. The sentence is saying that the girls had planned to show hate against the believers, according to

I just want to say that one should be able to have oppinions about politicians anywhere. In a democracy freedom of speach should be a right. So is Russia considered to be a democracy after /before this incident with Pussi Riot? What do you think?

Don’t you understand huliganism? Look it up on the wikipedia-link below. There you find one definition of it. I don’t think that Pussy Riot levels up to the definition there.

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  1. You are somewhat naive. Freedom of speech does not rely on you being able to say and do anything in a church. Then – of course – 2 years in prison because of what they did is ridiculous. Just throw them out of the church. Thats enough.

  2. I feel so proud of Russia today!
    We are traditional people! We are not feminists or homoliberals!
    We are not western world!
    And we are happy! 🙂

  3. Rose, you are entitled to your oppinion, not sharing your oppinion is also allowed. Ana, I am glad you are sharing your happiness for an archaic approach where homofobia and inequality is considered happiness. Others are entitled to another point of view that considers a normal happy life to be a life where everyone is equal no matter what looks, native language, cultural background, gender, political point of view or if they are are homo-, bi- or heterosexual.

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