Sexistic games

No wonder people have complained when a not so supersmart game developer names a function “girl friend mode” for the easy mode. Idiot. Sexistic idiot. No wonder people have complained about that about the game Borderlands 2. The info I got from

Don’t be sexistic, you never should judge a book by it’s cover – there is a good reason for a saying like that. Some people, in this case it was a man, are just stupid in sexistic texts like that inside a game. I wouldn’t work even a day in such a atmosphear at work. I am tired of hormonal men labling women. Idiots.

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  1. ‎”I am tired of hormonal men labeling women. Idiots.”
    Welcome to our world. LOL.
    To be honest, a vast majority of women are worse at gaming than men, so a “gf mode” is no a judgement. And so what. Just because a truth makes to feel bad, doesn’t make it a lie. Just because a word makes you feel bad, doesn’t make it a bad word. If someone tells you something inspirational, you benefit. Of someone tells you a joke, you laugh. So if someone tells you something you don’t like, that’s your problem.

  2. You have not met the girls I know, better on gaming than many guys. The ones that play games often are allways better than the ones that don´t, no matter what sex.

  3. There are female soccer players that can play better than most men, but even the best female soccer player suck balls compared to the best male players.
    If women were equal in gaming there wouldnt exist a womens leagues.

    You know “one” girl, that´s the problem isnt it, women play less and almost never FPS-games.
    Borderlands is a FPS-RPG hybrid that could attract the female audience. And after they have played through it I´m sure most women that have played games before can play on normal difficulty just like all the men.

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