Poor Prince – attacked outside club house in Cannes

The Swedish Prince was attacked outside a club house in Cannes yesterday night. It was unprovoked and he got hit from the behind, according to Expressen.se.

I think it’s sad that people fight unprovoked in the streets. It’s those people who make me afraid going home by walking, in the dark. If no one would attack people we wouldn’t have to be afraid.

In this case we do not even know why he was attacked, was it because he was a Prince or because someone just felt like it, without knowing he was a Prince? I am thinking he should have had body guards with him, after all he is a somewhat public person at least in Sweden.

Anyone, no matter if they are a nobility or not, should be allowed to walk and have fun, without being attacked unprovoked by strangers.

Stackars Prins Carl Philip, bli attackerad helt oprovocerat på Cannes. Alla människor, oavsett titel, borde kunna få ha roligt och gå till fots utan att behöva bli attackerade av främlingar. Det är sådana främlingar, farliga för oss, som får en annan att vara rädd när jag är ute en kväll på stan. På sin vakt i alla fall. Mörkret skrämmer inte, bara främmande människor.

Undrar om det var någon som visste vem han var och störde sig på kungligheter eller om det var bara någon som allmänt kände för att attackera någon så där. Det finns ju folk till allt, så vem vet? Konstigt att prinsen inte hade livvakter, han är ju trots allt offentlig i Sverige.

Update 20120813:

The Prince greets the people and says he is alright, according to Expressen.se.

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