Täby is a shithole

(I still think so, 2018)

Well, I happen to think so. The majority of the population is Swedish. Majority of them happen to behave like they are more than the working man, even though they even might hold jobs lower in hierarchy than another.

I was at Täby Centrum and a boy around 11 and his sister happened to bump into me when they where running in the children’s department at HM. The second time he ran into me, even though I had moved away already once I said to the girl that if she was going to run, please don´t run into me. Then the boy ran into me again, this time hitting my expensive camera bag with delicate contents. This time I said that I didn’t want him to run into my expensive camera for X amount of money. Then I continued to look at the cloth rack. A women right in front of me looked up and I just complained. It was the second time I told them to not run into me. And she just replayed. Who is them?

Fucking upper-class woman. She knew who THEM was. I said in a non upper class voice “THE Chiiildren”. My voice was harder than usual. I understood either she refered to racism or “upper class manners”. It seemed as she was on the muslim women’s children side. Oh mine. I am not a racist, I am certainly not Swedish and yes I am NOT upper class, never was and never will be. I don’t think she commented like that due to their muslim inheritance. I hadn’t even thought about it. I just thought of the children as misbehaved. I would discipline my child, if the child had been with me. I don’t allow my child to run around in the store. I never accept my child running into people. I always tell whats right and what’s not. This women didn’t seem to raise her children at all. Letting them run in a public store.

I am unsatisfied. I wanted to tell the both females to fuck off. I felt I should be able to go to the store without having children run into me, especially in small spaces. They didn’t need to even be where I was, there was plenty of room elsewhere. I couldn’t be at another cloth rack, since I was looking for a cloth for my child of a certain type.

Well anyway I left Täby and felt happy I live more in a community like ethnic Rinkeby than Täby. Both of these areas are like opposites of each other. I live in an area that is not one or the other. My area is mixed and here people treat each other with more respect. In Rinkeby the men STARE. And in Täby the women think they are more than you. None of the two is especially good really. They look down on you if you haven’t got the right clothes or “speech”. Bla bla bla. Our state minister Fredrik, who I definitely think is stupid in many ways, lives in Täby. Need to say more? He has said a lot of frogs (många grodor=stupid things). Many say stupid things, all of us do, but he does it a certain way…

And yes I am an immigrant, even though born in this long land of Sweden. I am not Swedish in many ways, but people seem to forget. My blondish-like hair and bluish eyes can fool anyone. But I am not stupid… as many happen to think about fat people, which I happen to be due to certain reasons. But as a fat person many people treat you differently, like you are “letting yourself go”, as if you where stupid somehow. It’s like it is okay to treat me worse than others. It’s legit somehow. But I know the truth and it’s sad people judge someone by the way they look. I know better than to judge a book by its cover.

Well. I had to buy something in Täby and therefore I made the trip there. But now I just feel my stomach and chest is angry. I just feel that the upper class should loose all their money and get grounded like the rest of the population. They might learn something.

I have no respect for people who can’t accept that we all talk different, the values she put into her words… you should have heard them. I didn’t mind if she spoke in another way, but the values she put into her words showed me how much she looked down on me, that is not talking different, that is giving someone less value than you.

Update 2015: Note that our state minister is no longer Fredrik.

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