State institution wasted almost 500 000 SEK on a party

It’s so bad when you cannot trust people employed at government agencies. It’s so bad that I have to read about Tillväxtverket in Sweden spending 428 000 SEK on a party on tax payer money in todays

I think the employees should pay for that party and not us tax payers. Bill it to the responsible ones. I cannot even understand that the bosses have approved such a waist of tax payers money. I think that the Swedish population would not have approved if beeing given an option to help poor people or having a party for 428 000 SEK.

I am angry and furios on that people are so misguided so that they think it would be okey to party with tax payer money for 428 000 SEK in total?

Tillväxtverket are breaking their own rules and who the **** gave them the money to spend? The Alliance. Don´t they even check up on what the institutions in Sweden are doing. IT IS NOT OKEY TO PARTY UP my tax payments, that is for sure.

If you think what Tillväxtverket has done is wrong – please talk, write, protest against it! Change the mentally of these people! Help!

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