The foreigners in Rinkeby continue burning their own services

In Rinkeby, and area of Stockholm, some citizens continue vandalizing the premises. They burn down their schools, youth facilities and the latest one is a kindergarden, according to I feel sad for both the children and the staff. It’s a trauma when this happens to such young children. Some of these children may already had to deal with another trauma and now add this on top of it. Maybe a favourite toy is burned down, that can not be replaced. Now the children need to be relocated. This is a trauma too.
I think it’s so sad that the small portion of the youngsters vandalizing don’t understand they only hurt their own community. Rinkeby is full of foreigners with origins from different countries, living in peace, side by side.

The small group of youngsters that vandalize – it’s like they have taken their bad ideas here, to Sweden, from their home countries that many times are at war. I happen to think war only feeds war. We need to get all these vandalizations to stop.

Knutbyskolan i Rinkeby efter branden. Knutby school photographed after the fire by
Knutbyskolan i Rinkeby efter branden. Knutby school photographed after the fire by Copyright

I think it’s risky when all are in one area, even though the citizens seek to the “unity” of their own country men. They want to live close to others alike. I think that fact increases the risk of vandalization. I think it’s not good to feed bad ideas. And obviously Rinkeby, as well as Tensta, has problems with groups of youth with bad ideas. Not needless to say: a few harras them all. The majority is not vandalizing. Rinkeby is not like in the big country in the west, that has China town, Italian quaters or so. Rinkeby is totally mixed with Swedes, Europeans, Asians, Africans, South Americans and maybe even North Americans, that I do not know. (But you can check it out in the statistics register if you want to know).

I think the youngsters in the gangs should be relocated, the problem makers, to new neighbourhoods, so they are not in just one place. The valdalizing youth in Rinkeby are a problem. They break things every now and then and the weekends are worst, perhaps that is a sign that they go to school or activity during the weekdays?

Small groups of grown up men at Rinkeby torg are no better. They sometimes watch us westerners like we are plake when we need to go to the Subway or any offical place. Sometimes it feels that some of them don’t accept our ways of dressing. Some of the men want girls to have veils and cover themselves. Some foreign girls that want to dress Swedish are harrasted I have read earlier in the newspapers. So even if the old men don’t vandalize they are a problem in another way. In Sweden we all should dress as we like.

I think Rinkeby and Tensta are problem areas. The problems are not the buildings or how the area is built. The problem is the isolation of the persons living there. The areas themselves are isolated, to Rinkeby for instance there are is only one accessable main road, that is E18 with three roads into Rinkeby, the surrounding areas have no roads into Rinkeby. Arround Rinkeby are also meadows. On the other side of the meadows and roads lives regular citizens. The areas are pretty close, but yet so far. All areas surrounding Tensta and Rinkeby are very different from these areas. The surronding areas are calm.

In Rinkeby some are unemployed and some are real bitter on life, but many have jobs and work. The ones that are bitter on life feed hate, the bitter youth then do bad things, like kill a girl last year since they drove a vechile on the pavement. The girl was a visitor from another city, spending summer time at her relatives.

I am just saying Rinkeby and Tensta burns cars every other weeekend and the youth involved in these activities are a menace to society. They are small gangs hurting their own neighbourhood. I wish the police just could relocate these youth and teach them a better way of life. I wish the police had more possibilities. We have neighbourhood watchers and such, but it isn’t enough in these areas.

What should I say? I say, politicians you need to do more. It’s not good when fundamentalists are beeing able to harras women not wanting to live old fashioned muslim lives covering all their bodies. Rinkeby and Tensta have different problems and what ever is being done is not enough. The good citizens of Rinkeby are suffering from these youth that do not know right from wrong. We must start teaching them right from wrong, both the men at Rinkeby torg and the youngsters that vandalize.

I went there, to look at the burned down pre school. I talked to some of the children and adults. Some teenagers asked me if I was from Aftonbladet. I said no, I am just taking photos. They said what they thought about a lot of things. I think politicians should go there, just like I did. Talk to the residents. Learn how they think and what they want. It’s very interesting. I am not Swedish in real sense (I am born here, but to foreigners), I have some common ground with the persons living there. This gives me the another way of “being”, so it’s pretty easy for me to talk to anyone really. I think it’s pretty easy to talk to anyone, no matter where they come from. I felt listened too, I felt respected. I was dressed in shorts and t-shirt and had no problems with respect. When I visit the neighbourhood, I listen. I am just one of them. After all, I might live in one nicer area, but yet so close. I never ever try to give the impression that I am more than anyone else. I had no problems getting honesty from the people I talked to. I had no problems what so ever to get them to open up. After all, I am just another, who cares. I am not a racist. I don’t believe in apartheid. I believe in integrating. There are countries better than Sweden on integration. Swedish politicians should look at them and see what these countries do right.

I talked to one parent to one child that attends this preschool Knutbyskolan. He said it would complicate his everyday life when he needs to leave for work. This pre school is nicely located and easy accessable to his home. He said it will now take 20 minutes each morgning to go to another school. He also said that his child has a will of his own and he will miss his friends a lot at another preschool. He said that this burning will consume more time from him. He also said what he thought was the problem. He also said that the youth doing this has no respect for the police. He had called the police many times and nothing had happend. He said that the police are very passive.

I gave an theory why the youth have no respect for the police. I said that youth that come from countries where children hold a gun and fight for rebel forces might have corrupt police. In their countries the killings might even have been done by the police, so maybe they still connect the police with the police from their home world? The man agreed.

Another set of male parents from another country than the other above. They said they very well know who the guys are. They also said, these small children here will also do the same when they grow up, he said. I said, why are you saying like that? If you don’t believe in them, who will? He said, we are not allowed to beat the responsible teenagers, they are out of control. We are trying to discipline them, they said. I said, well beating is not the right solution and gave them an option to diciplining the children. I said it worked for my cousin, so it should work on them too. Its legal and effective I said. The men nodded and understood me. I also said they need role models and that they are the role models. They can also do things. Be involved in politics, write, blog etcetera I told them. They asked me how and I explained. I told them what I do. I think I got connected to them. I also gave them hope about the future of the children and said to them if you believe they can accomplish their dreams its much easier for them to do so. Everyone needs just ONE person to believe in them. BUT one needs at least someone, otherwise its very, very hard I said. The children listening said the same, they agreed with me. These children where all under the age of 11 and still mouldable and innocent.

Talking to them revealed a mistrust towards the police, a hopelessness about the police not helping. Also (this is hear say) they said that the youngsters doing this have no respect for the police, they throw stones on them. They said it’s beacuse they come from countries with no order, countries in caos, they said to me. I can agree, I have read about the fire fighters needed to be protected on other occasions, so there is some truth to what they were saying. Talking to different groups of people also showed a distrust against other ethnic groups. There are tensions below the surface. I think they are wrong to have these tensions, but they are there boiling. This must be addressed. Left as is – is only dangerous.

Well, we talked for a while. I hope they found the conversation giving. I hope I did something good. At least I have tried to change. I have planted a seed in these mens heads. That is always to first step to change.

The Alliance politics are not helping Rinkeby and Tensta. They are only making things worse. I think that these areas are boiling. One day the children will not stay in their areas to revolt. Their reaction is due to them not getting jobs, not getting the right norms(I am referring to that some seem to think vandalising is a solution), not understanding respect and that they are feeling disadvataged. They are not understanding the impact of their actions (they do understand them… but not enough to stop).

I think that if we accept them to immigrate, we also need to help them come into the society and help them adapt. Many with terrible memories also need help. They need to normalize. We need to help them, otherwise their problem is our problem, but even more dangerous. Better to help them before they go wrong.

I talked to all the men I met that this only costs their community money in the end. It will cost more to insure their housing, cars and so on. One of the men gave an example on his car and said he knew it was more expensive for him to insure his car. He had a friend in another neighbourhood with half the insurance.

I said all these things only take money from the Tensta and Rinkeby budgets. It only makes the services in the neighbourhood poorer. I said the youngesters are all of our responsibilities. Somehow the society is missing how to educate them.

There are organisations that try at least. My partner is involved. I am also involved. But we need more people to get involved. We need to get a better perspective on life for these youngsters. It’s better to work with the young children. Get them to believe in their dreams and hopes for the future. If you can, please help at least one.

Nedbränd förskola i Rinkeby - Knutbyskolan - Burned down school in Rinkeby - Knutbyskolan
Nedbränd förskola i Rinkeby – Knutbyskolan – Burned down school in Rinkeby – Knutbyskolan Copyright

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