Internet – to be or not to be ?

Poem about the Internet. Should Internet be or not to be in it’s present form?

The unapproachable audience
The elusive audience
The place where the user searches for their own words
In their own Internet world
There this audience travels in cyberspace
On other terms than yours
On other terms than mine
On other terms than ours
That is the challange with Internet
That is the difficult thing with Internet
On Internet the user easily clicks further away and fast
Sweesh and you are not visible in the sea of spam and robots
that automatically clutter our net with shit
the clutter that hinders freedom of speach and the written word to spread
All viruses, spammers and dangerous traps alluring
around each corner
Threatning our Internet in each corner
We need a free Internet with no narrowing of Information
No Googlification
No Facebookifacation
and other this and that
Nonsense sites with no real languages
All the annoying adds, the annoying adds
that clutter the world with their overflow looking for attention
so we cannot find the things that matter
all we wanna is to find the correct information about things that matter
we look, look and look and risk a lot around each dangerous corner
a dangerous site allurs us
How should Internet be developed in the future?
Should we have only a bunch of gadgets that continiously give us our flow
Or should we all have our own spiders searching the net for us with our chosen words
How should we go forward to a better cyberspace
The question is how?