Being rich doesn’t make you automatically happy

Many people might think that “If I just had money I would be happy / happier”.

I can understand that being in debt does not make you happy, but if you have no debt and just want a absurdum amount of money… I don’t think it will make you automatically happy. You need to be happy without the money. You need a foundation without the money first.

In today’s paper Expressen the Tetra Pak millionaires have been in a tragedy. Eva Rausing is in fact, dead. She had a lot of money, she was one of the richest in her country. Still she died and she cannot have been old. She looks like she in her 40’s. Her husband is being held as a suspect says. Update 20120718: He is not held for being a part of his wife death anymore. Now they are accusing him of hindering his dead wife so she could not have a decent funeral, according to Reflection, if he had problems he might have been in denial of his wifes death. He might even have been confused, why are they going after him?

We can also read about billionaire Tom Cruise and his divorce. Divorce is a state of unhappiness and sometimes the only way out for one or both partners is divorce. It must be frustrating to have their life out in the open like this in the papers, especially when in the divorcing state. I however don’t dislike millionaires and I hope them all the happiness they can get.

Well, I am just saying, all these examples are rich men and women and still they are having problems. Somehow they cannot get it to work. No matter money or no money, happiness is available for everyone. One just needs to find it, maybe not even where you thought.

Surrounding yourself with good energy is more likely to make you happier. What is good energy? Well, it’s different for all of us of course. Some get happy on other people’s unhappiness. Others get off by making other people happy.

You might imagine what I think is the better one, but like I say – we are all different. On first hand a person that likes making other unhappy might be a bad person. But then think a little more, maybe a person that made you unhappy started a will in you. A will to change? Change for the better?

No matter who or what started the will in you to do something, you are always the one behind the driving force forward. You are the one making the change and no one else. Keep that in mind.

How often do you follow your will? How often do you follow another person’s will? Is there a difference in the feeling? Does it matter whose will you follow? Sometimes it doesn’t. You might still be happy or unhappy.

Happiness is a state of mind, someone said. Of course it is. You can decide to be happy, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Being unhappy can be about anything really, but I call them heavy stones on my chest. Things I am troubled and non-relaxed about. Some things do trigger it, other things don’t, no matter how uneasy it would make for instance you. We are all different. I am saying that you can train yourself not to react negatively on things, but only if you want. Some things are auto-training. Auto-training happens automatically if you are being pushed to many times. Not all auto-training is good, not all is bad. It all depends on the situation.

Well, what I am saying is that money won’t make you happier, it will only make it more possible to buy stuff and pay for food, living and so on. As long as the basics are covered, money won’t make you happier automatically. You need to find happiness in other ways.

Not everyone can find their happiness… for those there is professional help. Some might need more than just self motivation to be happy. Some feel fine not being happy, but are not unhappy, just because of that. Some just are. Like I said – we are all very different. Diversity is good.

So what makes you happy?

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