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I have now read some more in the book Boy Kings. I have come to a point where I even hate Facebook even more. I really wish that Facebook did no exist and everyone left Facebook. It is a bad company as I have felt from the beginning. I always said it was not for me, but hence everyone got it I tested it. Tested it for a while, just to understand it. I did not like it. If nothing Facebook really needs my competence, since they seem to lack it totally. But working for Facebook would be like working for the devil. Actually I think that Facebook is the devils work in many ways, it’s so bad.

Yeah I know in what matters it can be good, but then we have people and Facebook limitations added on it and the good isn’t much worth. I actually think that Facebook, when reading the book Boy Kings, is a bad company. I felt that when seeing the Social network movie too. I already dislike the Facebook phenomena and its employees even though I have only met their code and not the persons behind it. The code is evil in so many ways. I just would recommend everyone to unlist from Facebook. I don’t think that Facebook is good for anyone, not considering the price.


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