More jobs would appear if people did not work overtime

It’s said that some work overtime and get all the money and others are unemployed and get no money. Only in Sweden we would get 115000 more jobs if the paid overtime was created into real fulltime jobs for unemployed instead (statistics found in news paper below). An additional 25 000 jobs would also appear if non paid overtime was forbidden.

I think it is pretty serious that we could have 140000 more jobs if people did not work overtime anymore. The politicians could do a lot here in legislations and rules. I think it’s worth considering, since we have almost half a million unemployed. Roughly at least 25% of them could get a job if others with jobs stopped working overtime.

I think it’s hurtful that some have jobs and even get to work overtime… whilst others have nothing. And the Alliance rules makes it impossible even for the unemployed to work part-time for more than 75 days (special rules, look at source below). But as usual the Alliance makes the life for the unemployed even worse than it could be. Imagine if one could work part time as a temp during a-kassan (unemployment insurance). This would give a higher income for the working days and a-kassa for the other days. The state would not have to pay unemployment insurance for the working days. Win-win for everyone, the state gets more tax, less expenses to the state, the worker gets work experience, the employer gets work force. So what are the Fredrik Reinfeldt alliance thinking? My thought is that they do not think… I would like to work as a i.e. teachers temp during my unemployment, but I cannot for more than 75 days.

There are only benefits in being able to work part time during unemployment (arbetslöshet) – the unemployed get references and work experience and better economy. The state benefits in tax income. Everyone benefits, so why do the alliance make people poorer and hinder workers from getting work experience and the employers from getting temps? For the health of the Swedish population the overtime work is not any good. Overtime can lead to health issues and those cost a lot!

So why is the Alliance (Alliansen) so blind and stupid? Why do they shoot themselves in the foot? I am just wondering… anyone with a little bit of understanding understands that the Alliance created unemployment rules are non beneficial for most, even the state.

Why does the alliance want to hinder people in getting jobs? I think that the 75 day rule is hindering people from getting real jobs faster. It was better before…the alliance!

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