Statistics show that cities with the Alliance controlling have more youth unemployment

Isn’t it interesting that statistics show that cities in Sweden with a Alliance majority ruling have more unemployment amongst youth’s. Är det inte märkligt att statistik visar att Alliansstyrda städer i Sverige har mer ungdomsarbetslöshet?

Youths without jobs are increasing more rapidly in Alliance ruled cities (alliansenstyrda städer), according to DN review. This is definitly a problem for Fredrik Reinfeldt and company, since one of their promises to the public in the elections was to decrease youth unemployment. Well, lowering workers taxes, restaurant taxes and such do not seem to have any effect on the youth’s in Alliance ruled cities. Youth unemployment (ungdomsarbetslösheten ökar) is still growing. Why? Because there are to few jobs for the inhabitants to apply to is my answer. So how do we create more jobs?

With current regulations and such I think we won’t see increases in more jobs more than before. I think it must be easier to get unemployment benefits even if trying to start up a company. All unemployed should be allowed to start companies if they want to. Revenue and income can be reducted from unemployment insurances after a certain amount and after a while removed or if the company cannot carry itself the person must be allowed to close the company and continue its unemployment. Today there are too many rules and to many buts in order for persons to start companies. People are afraid of loosing money and such and if it wasn’t so dangerous to try starting a company then more would probably try too start up companies. Or what do you think?

Also unemployed should be allowed to study. Sometimes companies offer free education to people, but the people have to invest time. Unemployed are not allowed to give time to a for instance a bus company to get a drivers license (busskörkort) for busses. Many companies that offer education like a drivers license want the person to work for them for a while and this rule makes the unemployed loose any unemployment insurance if going to the education offered by a i.e. bus company. This I know, since i know people that have been in this situation. People have to turn down jobs, due to people not beeing able to live on no money for a couple of months. The rules are complicated and not made for people so they can get jobs. It would only benefit the state if people could go to company driven educations with unemployment insurance intact and then get a job. Now people have to be unemployed (arbetslöshet) until they get a job. Stupid… isn’t it?

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2 thoughts on “Statistics show that cities with the Alliance controlling have more youth unemployment

  1. Om man sorterar DNs lista efter arbetslöshet så ser man väldigt tydligt att arbetslösheten var lägst i borgerliga kommuner 2006 och att den fortfarande är lägst i borgerliga kommuner 2011. Att hävda att Gnosjö med 9,1% arbetslöshet är sämre än Bräcke med 22%, ja det måste man nog faktiskt vara ganska politiskt indoktrinerad för att tycka. Eller så har man gått i den socialistiska flumskolan där fakta har liten betydelse bara man är överens i gruppen…

  2. Statics allways show what you want statistics on. This static show that the increase of unemployed youth has been largest in Alliance majority ruled cities and this is also written in the original Newspaper. Other statics are not under review but we could make a review of that. It would be interesting to see what such a analytical search would show. Probably that income differences have increased and other stuff.

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