I want all 800 million Facebook users to unregister their Facebook profiles

I know that Facebook won’t like my header, so yes I want to provoke. I actually don’t like Facebook, but maybe you already understood that?

I actually think Facebook is dangerous from many aspects and I am telling everyone I know to unregister and leave Facebook. I am hoping the whole world will do this too, but addictions are probably hard to log off forever…? Why don’t you try to live IRL? Meet people for real instead of using Facebook? How many hours do you really spend on Facebook? How many hours do you spend with friends and family without PC? If you find out that you are more online… than IRL with your friends and family – are you really living? There are other ways to talk to friends online. You can use any other video chat tool.

Do you want to now how to unregister Facebook? To delete your account forever? Follow this link: http://www.jdahl.se/ta-bort-facebook-konto-steg-for-steg/  This link will lead you to delete Facebook account permanently: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account

In a Aftonbladet article I also read that you can e-mail privacy(a)facebook.com if you want to delete all your information, if the above did not work.

So why unregister your account? I have picked out some information so that you may get a whole picture of what Facebook can be. I am not saying it is. But connecting many dots and Facebook is pretty scary… what do you think? I am telling you to use your mind and wondering on the fact that there are so many strange aspects out there. I am wondering why?

Have you seen the YouTube-clips about the Illuminiti-look-a-like-image on the Facebook employees jackets (hoodie)? I think it was a little bit strange… what does the image really mean? Here is the video and you can make up your own opinion:

Source: http://www.youtube.com

In the following video you are told about the dangers with Facebook. The guy talks about that socializing is a part of humanity and Facebook gives us the feeling of being connected to other people, but IRL you might not even have met the persons for a long time or not at all. He also says that Facebook is addictive and therefore dangerous like any other addition probably. It’s much better to meet people face-to-face IRL. Facebook also has very much information of you. Rumors, gossip is dangerous in the long run, all that is spread on Facebook. Well, all these points by this guy on YouTube are relevant and check out the YouTube-clip here and make up your own idea about Facebook-addiction:

Source: http://www.youtube.com

Internet crime is also exploding on Facebook. In this video you get to know that your Facebook account can get hacked and some people can try to gather money from your friends by using your Facebook account. I hope that you understand the risk with a Facebook-account, even though Facebook has made changes to send logons and such the danger is always there. See this YouTube-clip to understand what has happend to others on Facebook:

Source: http://www.youtube.com

There are stories on YouTube and other places that Facebook is being used by CIA. I therefore choose to give you one theory by Madsen on YouTube instead, so that you may base your own opinion:

Source: http://www.youtube.com

In this story you get to know a program named Einstein. The program is making surveillence on the Internet-traffic. Here is a YouTube-clip about NSA and what they use the program too:

Source: http://www.youtube.com

So do you still feel like logging on Facebook? Or even the Internet? Do you even want to Google anymore? Do you think that privacy even exists in a computerized world? Actually it could, but then we have to create new technique and a New Internet that is not connected to the Internet. A new design, a new way of communicating. It’s possible. In the new technique the MAC-numbers have to be gone, the unique ID on each software has to be gone. The technique is possible to use like that but is not at present time.

I want to change the world to a place where integrity is not compromized. When integrity is lost – humanity is lost, after all integrity is one essence of being human. With integrity people can dare to speak up, to protest against the top that takes advantage of the common man. If we restore our integrity online by legislating so no unique ID can be implemented in phones, computers, software etcetera, then we can have a world with true free speach and free writing, but as long as surveillence is a part of earth its not possible. Satellites give survaillence. Cameras in subways, streets, stores give survaillance. So how come humanity got to destroy the most important things – a mans’ opinion and integrity?

Information technology – for better or worse…

So what can we do? Legislate, forbid companies to use unique ID:s electronically. Forbid them to make unique components. Forbid them to be able to identify user’s software, hardware, GEO-location etc. How can you react? Write! Talk! Tell! Use democratic methods. Write a new bill (lagändring) and send it to your politician. Think out new technology, take a patent, invent! I believe in the power of you. You have the power to change the world to a much more fair place.

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