Working class children and stressed mom’s

I read a article in Expressen about child obesity. It does not suprise me that the society created the stressed mom’s that now are said to make the children overweight. I don’t think the problem is this easy. I think that it is much more complex than this. I think it’s the society in the western world that causes the stressed mom’s. Now a days the Swedish women also have to work, otherwise they cannot pay the bills, put food on the table and live a normal life. One salary is not enough in Sweden if you are working class. For the rich this is of course not a problem. They can always do what is best for their children. They have the money, after all. The professor in the article is mentioning that it is a society problem… yes it is a problem the rich are getting richer on the benefit of the workers.

Now the children are targets from society. Books are written that are named “Tjocka Albin” (fat Albin) and the book should show how a child goes on a diet. Terrible. What kind of society blames the children? What kind of society now even blames the stressed mum’s? I blame society. It’s terrible that we are home so late, that we have to work so much for so little. The working class makes the rich richer. Sweden and many other countries with this type of life are unbalanced. The society is tipping over for the workers to the bad and for the rich to greed.

So when reading an article in Expressen that says that stressed mum’s are the cause…and society causes them to stress. I just say. It’s not the mum’s or the society – it’s a part of the society that is behind the problem – it’s the employers and the rich behind the money. They are to blame for child obesity. The rich are making the rules… the workers are just slaves for the salary that comes every month.

Who benefits from all this? What do you think?

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