Garden party

Almost all household contributed to cleaning the gardens, so now we look ready for the summer. The gardens are cleaned and all the bushes and trees have been attended. Some have been cut, others just left as they where. Well. After attending garden work we all eat sausauges (both regular and halal, since there are different religions here) and pea soup. Sandwiches and cookies are also offered. To that some drink soda and others something else. In the evening we have a barbacue and grill what we bring, drink what we bring and eat what we bring. Everyone brings their own food. Then we eat. After that we speak for a while. Then we go home to our houses. So the day started in the morgning and ended in the evening. A busy day. I wasn’t to thrilled my partner is working today also and I had to attend the backgarden on my own. I had to continue the garden work. I cut the bushes, trimmed them so they don’t stick to much over my flower beds. I need to cut the bushes every year. They want to grow over the flower beds and I want to keep them at a special area, not over the flower beds. The grass is still uncut, but I never cut the lawn. It is my partners job. But since my partner is working the lawn will not be cut any day soon.

I haven’t done my best work in the garden, since I am somewhat tired and I am not that enthusiastic about attending garden work at the moment. I did the minimum I had to do. Now the garden looks like it has some kind of owner anyway.

Cleaning the garden

This weekend is all about doing garden work. I am  not up to it. I am not found of being outdoors at all yet, since I think it is to cold to many hours of the day. Its around 10-15 degrees. I like to be in the garden when we get up to 18 degrees Celcius and without any cold winds. I don’t like the cold winds that make me freeze.

So today, me and the kid, are doing garden work. The kid isn’t much help, but it has its own set of garden tools. It can pick up leafs and brush away sand. However I will have to quality assure the work, since the kid doesn’t yet master the art of gardening with quality.

Well. My back is sour and I am therefore not up for it. But today everyone is outdoors doing garden work, our household is expected to contribute. Since my partner is working all weekend it is up to me to work in the garden. My partner has booked every Saturday all of next month to work. That is the extra money we need to pay the bills, since the other employer doesn’t pay full salaries at the moment. Still missing two payments. It is not fun to live on my income and part of my partners income, so now we get at least a similar income to mine when my partner works extra for another company. However the first payment from the extra job is next month. But then we will have a better income at least. However, we get less family life, but since my partner doesn’t have a full-time job somewhere else, this is the option to manage.

Time flies, soon the temp jobs are over for me, since the summer comes and all buisnesses close down. Haven’t replied to the offered summer job, since I am totally not interested in part-time with low salary. I need full-time and that is not on offer. I still need to see if any other offers come around that are full-time. I cannot be bound to the part-time job, its better to be unemployed and being able to apply for full-time summer jobs and real jobs.

Swedish workers have become poorer

According to an article in the Swedish workers have become poorer. More and more workers have a income of 60% less than the avarage income. They are considered poor and the amount of poor workers have increased in Sweden. 5,5% of Swedish workers are living in poverty. That is an increase of 40% since 2006, according to the article.

What is wrong with this picture? It is that we, a welfare state (less than before however), have more poverty now than before. Poverty for workers. People that have a low-income really. They earn less than 10 000 before taxes. Well… I think I would be considered poor if I didn’t have the a-kassa and just worked half-time. I work part-time and stamp up. That makes me have a better income, but then again. I don’t get the middle income at present. The state has severly restriced stamping up. I can only stamp up 75 days really. After that I can only be fulltime unemployed or just live on the part-time job. Stamping up won’t be a possibility. For me it would most likely mean I wouldn’t work, I would be totally unemployed, since I would only be able to take fulltime weeks as a temp and those don’t really exist in reality, since you never know the amount of days or hours you get to work. Imagine just getting 4 hours for the complete week. That wouldn’t be so nice to pay the bills on. I think they should remove 75 days rule for stamping up (fill up with unemployment insurance for the remainding hours).



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