Chill out music

This is Elmara native American mostly instrumental chill out music.

Poem – Bright sunny spring days

Bright sunny day,

clear blue skies,

joyful breeze gently brushes the cheek,

a nice chill enters the spine,

flowers starting to blossom,

coloring the grounds,

nature is inviting you to join in,

to enjoy, to watch, to breathe, to feel, to touch, to smell, to see,

to feel,

living in the moment, feeling the breeze, hearing the sounds, seeing all the beauty,

living in the moment, feeling free, without boundaries, as if you where a part of nature yourself,

the sun fills you up, warms you up and makes you shine,

the breeze cools you down and gently strokes you,

calmness enters your body and all senses are improved,

you are enjoying your day, out in the sun,

a wonderful spring day

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This is Kanye West, indeed portaying himself as a Godlike creature, however the horns say it is on the lust side and perhaps even evil, what do you think? The lyrics also fit. The video Power is like a image of old times, when people wanted to portray themselves as Gods and Godesses. So what does that say about humanity? Perhaps some want to have that power, to rule? Sounds like hubris. However there is some critic in this song, he says noone should have all that power, at least I think it sounds like that. Some things I think the lyrics contain: “everybody we rolling”, “white man’s world”.


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