Free evening

But I only got this free evening and Sunday. Working a double shift over night this weekend. Gives many hours of work and a nice paycheck at the end of the month next month. Almost reached my goal for this month, only two more full hour shifts and I have reached my target. That means I have financed November month expenses. Feels good actually to have completed so much of my goal in the beginning of September. I am keeping my target.

Had the seminar today. I think we understood the material differently. Oh mine my class mates use big words, complicated language. I was wondering what is wrong with them? Why do they use all these complicated words? Not even the lecturer uses complicated words. I wonder, do people talk like that? What socioeconomic background do they have? I wonder. My language is easy, I speak regular easy words. I don’t consider myself dry in this area, but oh mine, I surely speak differently. When I said things it seemed as they didn’t understand. However I understood that the lecturer saw I understood the texts. That is what matters to me, even though the group discussion was totally different. One was a arguer that argumented all the time. What was I supposed to say? I wasn’t there to argue. I hate group work at the university. Well, that was that. Its done, my first seminar to an end. Thanks. One more coming up next week. Oh mine… Wondering if this is the pace and level set? Me sitting with people that could as well speak greek… that is how they talked. Not even the lecturer undestood one of the pupils mindset. Not even I.

Worked two days and had lectures three days this week

Today is the final lecture, or should I say seminar for this week? Three days of school and two days of work. My body is totally worn out. Trying to keep up and read what ever they set us out to do. I haven’t completed one of the texts yet and today the seminar is taking place. I will read it. I still have time. I will also go to my newest employer and get a identity card.

Well. I am tired, I can really feel my body saying no to more work. I already work Sunday, so I shouldn’t accept any work tomorrow or today. I am trying not to, but I know I might accept half a day. Hoping no such work is being offered, since my mind and body know I am not up to it. Six occupied days is enough. I also still need to read 4 pages in one book and one whole assignment in another book.

One of the texts for today was to diffucult to understand. It was in English. It was boring, to many new words. The person had complicated the English language so there was no flow what so ever in the text. I hate reading such texts. Other texts where interesting and fun to read. I read arguments that made me wonder what the researchers and scientists at the universities do all day. Of course someone should write about it, but sometimes it is so simple… but yet someone has to write it down, just beacuse?

Well. I have to leave the kid to school. Then I have a few hours to complete my assignment for today, complete the boring text… and then also try to read the assignment… which I really haven’t read. I chose to read the texts first.


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