Industrialised world are to blame

Actually all that is happening all over the world, is due to the industrialised countries.

The war in Syria is speculated that it started due to climate change and bad leadership. Also countries like Kirabati is going under since they are affected by climate change and the rise of the oceans.

The poorer people in Asia and Africa are looking at the western world, wanting the same life style. That means fridge, electrics, running water and such things. That means more climate change. That means even more problems. More populations running from food lack, poverty and war.

The western world has planted their ideas over this planet. I don’t mind democratic ideas, but consumption? That is just bad for the planet really. We should have another type of buisness, not the consumption driven. Stuff is the problem for the Earth. Things. Electricity. Technology. All those drive the planet to an misery and make our planet inhabitable in places. They make some suffer really.

Imagine not having water, that might become true when the climat change continues. Imagine not having clean air. That might happen when pollution continues.

Imagine poision land, that already has happend in India and China, since they don’t have the same options to handle waste from production as the industrialised countries.

We shouldn’t export our way of life. We should export living Earth friendly, in symbiosis with nature. Only green technology created by green materials should be allowed. But the world hasn’t understood a thing and now the planet is going to a shit whole.

Population will suffer. Nature will suffer. Animals will suffer. Everyone will suffer. Don’t blame me, I will just say, I told you so.


Soon it is Christmas. I will eat Christmas dinner before that, at work and with my family as well. I will eat with my partners relatives and I will have Christmas dinner at Christmas as well. A lot of Christmas food, at least four Christmas dinners are coming up.

I can drive the car now, if I park the car the other way around in the garage it isn’t that narrow to walk in and out of the car. That works. My leg is still stiff and not mobile as usual, still not good.

I have bought some Christmas presents already. My sibling has special wishes and it will get its wishes granted. My kid doesn’t know what it wants and when it says it wants something it is just shit. The kid won’t get what it wants. I have bought a learning device to help the kid learn reading, counting and such. I have also bought some clothes and a puzzle, the kid loves puzzles. I have bought books for my relatives. I like the books, they might not… do not know and I do not care.

I as usual just want movie tickets. I don’t want other stuff. Not that they can give me anyway. My partner is difficult, why buy anything for my partner? Never says anything normal or inexpensive, so I cannot buy what it likes.

Well. Christmas. I hope I will be able to work soon. I want my leg back.


Sharity money

So now I have given money to sharities, orphanages and animal shelters where on my list. I have also bought some hens to, to a stranger, somewhere on this planet. Hopefully that gives them eggs for cooking and helps them live a better life with food each day.

Helping kids, families and animals. That is my thing. But I prefer it my way, not other’s to chose for me. I have given more than 1500SEK. That is a lot of money for me.


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