Spoiled 80’s generation = reason for ineffective state institution

Hilarious to read, but the generation born in the 1980’s are the reason for less decisions per week at the state institution “Migrationsverket”. Haha. That is what they said the reasons where, according to the article in DN. This, of course, resulted in the union wanting an appology. One employee born in the 1980’s only makes one decision about migration(immigration) per week. The older generations make 3 decisions per week. Haha. I am not suprised. This could be solved by setting a goal that they have to make a decision Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Those that don’t, well, then the reason must be valid, like a complicated case with exstensive research. I think, I as a tax payer, I should be able to set a goal and demand what is reasonable on the state salary they get. My state money should be used effective and smart. If they are not cut out to do the job, then perhaps they should employ people from the older generations, that can do it instead… Haha.

Well, perhaps they are slower… but as I said before, many can be even faster than the old. I think they are individuals.



Cleared my insane schedule

It is good to be the only student sometimes. So since we now study our own subjects, I could chose which of my subjects I wanted to work with. Since I am the only student accepted in my subject at the university, I get my own seminars. How insane is that? I can choose my schedule with the lecturer and chose what times work for both of us. I don’t have to do any group work. How insane is that? I had not chosen my subject in the system before, that is why the schedule was insane, I could see all seminars. But now, I actually have plenty more time. It will be possible to study 200%. Haha.


So the working week could have been over and I could have been free. But I am not. I am working weekend… and then I got school every weekday. I ain’t getting any rest. I do need it. Today it is Friday and we have “fredagsmys”, that is family time. We eat together and watch something on TV or a film. Today I just want to go to sleep. I have been working as a teacher this week. Actually pretty okay. I am no math teacher, nor biology, but that was the subjects I had to teach. I couldn’t even solve the math puzzles the kids got. I told the other math teacher I didn’t understand the puzzle and since I didn’t have a solution for it I couldn’t understand what they wanted. The math teacher said it couldn’t either, so the kids could skip it. Haha. Bad teacher. Well, I had a good week, but tired from it. Tomorrow and Sunday I work with health care and take care of my patients.

I have to read some documents til Monday, but I really don’t have time, or should I say, energy left? I just cannot. I want to sleep when I get home from work.