IS and liberty

I believe IS thinks they are liberating the Middle East. I don’t see any other reason for them to concer land if they are not driven by a goal, to make an Islamic state. I don’t know why they would think they are liberating the middle east by making people forcefully converting to Islam, their form of Islam. However there is a fault in their thinking. If they think they are liberating the middle east by converting it to an Islamic state, then they are just wrong. In every way they are wrong. They are imprisoning the middle east they concer. They are forcing people to something they have not signed up for willingly. Signing up to something under threat isn’t being free. It isn’t being liberated. It is just imprisonment. Mohammed never wanted anyone to be forced to anything. He didn’t want people to convert by force to Islam. He wanted people to be true, to follow their heart, to be faithful to their beliefs. That isn’t being islamic. That isn’t being untrue by converting by force to something you really don’t believe in. Mohammed would never have accepted anyone to be a slave. He would never have accepted rape.

Who ever made IS-warriors belive they come to paradise and get their own harem in death? They won’t get that, they will just be reborn to learn their lesson that everyone is equal. They will be reborn to something that will teach them a lesson, a life they most likely wouldn’t live right now. Perhaps they would be a women, a gay, or something other they have discriminated in this life. Allah will most likely teach them a lesson. Perhaps they will have to meet a version of themselves living their new life, were their current values are not applicable. Their real self would most likely be their nightmare in the new life. How can people strive to be someone elses worst nightmare? How can that be a goal itself? However this is how IS is run. They are making themselves the worst nightmare. Why not make themselves the kindest, most loving and humane people instead? I am pretty certain Mohammed wouldn’t chose the IS way of life, if he was born in current times. I am pretty sure Allah is pretty disatisfied with what IS is doing. But Allah has given humanity freedom, LIBERTY, so IS are free to make mistakes and the world doesn’t need to watch. Everyone has a choice.

IS are making all the wrong choices. Nobody should be a slave. Nobody should be unequal, everybody is equal in front of Allah. You are not more worth than a fellow man. You are not better than a fellow man. You are born equal. Your actions decide if you are good or if you are cruel. IS is just cruel.

I think that peaceful ways are the right way, but IS has forgotten that way totally, as many others seem to have as well. Wake up IS members, start living as sunna. Be kind, gentle and treat everyone with respect, no matter origin, religious belif, gender, sexual orientation, richness or occupation. Everybody is valuable.

Mohammed would be as the statue of Liberty and Mohammed would not be imprisoning people and killing them. Just saying.

Mohammed as Liberty, illustration by Living Forum. Copyright

Mohammed as Liberty, illustration by Living Forum. Copyright


Finally Friday, I haven’t worked all week. I have however attended meetings, interviews, been to parent meetings with kids and so on. I think I have been busy enough. I have been to the doctor’s as well. Well, I have done a lot, even though I wasn’t up to working since I have had no real voice and my hearing has been affected by the ear infection I had. Well. Now it is Friday and I am glad the week has passed by. I have created a lot of illustrations. Illustrations I am not letting you see. But some of them are really good. I have now started to draw on better quality paper, since my partner thought I just wasted my time drawing on crappy copy paper. Well, so I bought some better paper. I have started drawing on that paper now. I also bought some new pen’s, since I used up all the ink in the one I had.

Well. I have been creative and when I haven’t been creative I have done things. I have applied for jobs. I have done a lot of things. Made phone calls. I think I have been busy enough, even though I have just been home. I have gotten better now, not that much cough anymore. Very seldom in fact. Well. Today I am a “single” parent, since my partner is working two jobs. Well. That means I am the only parent at home. That comes with repsonsibility.

Well. Then comes the weekend. I hope I am getting better, since I am working next week.

I am attended summer classes, a-kassa granted that, but after that I won’t be granted any more studies, I used up all the weeks you can study on a-kassa. Sad, since I gotten into the classes in the fall, but I cannot afford to take a student loan and study them. I don’t have the money to loan any more. I have studied full-time a long time ago and I have paid off 1/3 of my student loan. I ain’t taking any more loans. So I guess I will just have to be unemployed then… until someone employs me full-time. So no reroute on education, since I ran out of weeks. Life is like that, they change the rules, so you never know what rules apply when you do things…

Things that need to be done

I don’t like a lot of must’s. But they are there. Activities that schools and kindergarten set out for the kids… and they just silently demand the parents to participate. I don’t like going to such events. I am not social in that way. I hate being there. They just waste my time. The kid surely wants to, but I like to leave the kid at kindergarten and get it from kindergarten. I don’t like spending time there. It is something they put up on you, that you should like it. I don’t want to meet other parents and kids. I like my kid and I want to be at home. I don’t want to be in schools, nor in kindergarten. I understand that the kid must be introduced to the new school, but the kindergarten? Nothing to introduce, since it is starting school. I just don’t like all these “must’s” and expectations. I just don’t like being there. So why all this charade? Play for the theater. Not real for me, not necessary for me. Sweden is full of such shit. I never liked them, not even when I was in school. I never liked any events outside school hours, they are unnecessary from my point of view. Shit. That is what it is. Overrated shit things. Okay, now I got it out from my system. This week has been full of shit things to do. I don’t like them.


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