Dining out

One day I was out, eating with my class mates. At the restaurant a tattooed younger man sat. Perhaps he was born in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s. He had short sleeves and shorts on him, so a lot of tattoos where visible. Since I stood in line and he was sitting right next to it, I looked at the tattoos. They where original in some cases and I asked him about them. He told me that he had his first tattoo when he was 11. His father had allowed him that. I don’t think it would be possible to get anyone to make a tattoo on a 11 year old in Sweden today, neither did he. But he has then done a new tattoo every now and then. Some are just things he liked and other’s have a purpose. I said I do analysis of tattoos and that I also had to do lectures on tattoos I’ve attended. He was really interested in that and asked more. I said I have analysed tattoos of celebrities. Then he said, are they not just mainstream? He thought that they often where shallow. Well, I said that I had analysed Aviciis tattoos. I said what kind of tattoos he had. The man then said he had worked as a builder for him. Hehe. The world is very small. I liked the young man and it was a person I most likely could have been friends with. I told him that he must be really good at his work, if he had been hired by a celebrity. He said he was, but that his other occupation was something different, but that the other jobs often happend anyway.

Using contacts for politics

So I read a few articles online and I felt an urge. I just had to contact one of my partners friends. Make a suggestion for their company for sharity work, but in the end it is no sharity work, since they would clearly benefit from working with it. They could influence change and that change could make their company and the environment benefit. So of course, since this person has a position that really can make change, I took on that opportunity. It will now effect my partner’s friend and it will start thinking about it. Perhaps even talk with other’s to reflect up on it. I know they already do sharity, so perhaps they could just incoorporate this other angle on it? Well, I have at least influenced the right person, with the upper hand, so I hope I have planted a seed for change. Hopefully for the better. This is what I use my contacts for… that is not to get a job for my own benefits, because I don’t mix my jobs with my friends. But the world is not black and white and sometimes I help my friends on their jobs… but that is something else. I am not employed by my friends permanently. I would never ask for a job, but I know I would have a job tomorrow if I did… but I am not ready for that kind of work. I don’t want to spoil a friendship and I want other types of jobs than they can offer really.