Mango created blouse with SS symbols

Mango did a Zara, according to Expressen. This time I do think that the SS symbol is very clear, it couldn’t have been clearer. The S, shaped like a Z but turned as a S is clearly the S from the SS symbol. That print is all over the Mango blouse. This clearly shows that either the designer didn’t pay attention in school, or has no schooling in fashion design, which happens to include knowledge in uniforms. I have studied fashion design. I have also studied ethnology, which did include facts about uniforms as well. You always have to research such a clear pattern that does look like letters and see what they mean, since there can be a similarity to something that is bad. I think that wearing a blouse with the S from the SS symbol can affect those that understand the symbol negatively, especially the older generations.

This is the SS-symbol from Nazi Germany in the second world war. The image is directly linked from and they have all the rights to the image. The image link is just provided to prove a point about what the SS symbol looked like.

This is the Mango blouse with the S shaped as a reverse Z, just as in the Nazi symbol during the second world war. This image is directly linked to the original publishing site at Expressen. All rights belongs to them.

The SS-symbol was in the badge white SS signs, however on a stamp they are grey, a image search on search engines does show black SS signs on white background as well. I am guessing they existed in different color variants, but black and white seems to be the common ground, even if it is reverse.

However some might argue that they tried to make the blouse more inspired by a super hero? The flash has sometimes a symbol that is similar, however on the Flash there are different versions, some with three zick zacks, instead of 2 as in a reversed Z. Below you can se both versions of the Flash. However, the Flash symbol is not black and white, it is a yellow reversed Z och tipple flash sign. The similarity is there, but the ZZ symbol is more similar since it is black and white, even if reversed in most versions.

Mango has apologist. If this was on purpose of the designer? Or if this was done more inspired by real life flashes? Or superheroes? Or if this was just an innocent miss from the designers point of view? Or if the designer was inspired by some old patterns that we don’t know about? We don’t know, if they cannot say how the inspiration gave this pattern on the blouse. However, this clearly shows that patterns are not all that innocent and some patterns do give negative associations for a long time to come… design is not just design, it also has associations and memories in different cultures. It is clearly a knowledge even fashion designers need to have knowledge in… yet those are not the ones employed… this clearly shows…???

Well, Mango, perhaps you should hire people with knowledge, or the skills to research and find out? Perhaps all companies, that haven’t already, should? Just saying… knowledge is power… the right knowledge used the right way at least.

The flash, Halloween costume, linked to original source at

Image, directly linked to, of a super hero.