Getting labled can mean problems in work life

A man in Stockholm got the diagnosis ADHD at adult age. He had been working 5 years for the company without any issues what so ever. When the man got his diagnosis he was reassigned to a new position. He was considered a risk by Transportstyrelsen, according to’s article. I think this is so bad. This is what I knew that these diagnosis just may result in discrimination. In this case the Swedish state. There is no benefit in getting diagnosis if people get reassigned and somehow “replaced” on the work market. Just overall bad, I think there is no good in labling people. It is like differentiating people from people. Just stupid. Why can we not just be different? What is the point in being the same. I see no fun in being like anyone else, because I am not. I am a unique human being and I prefer to stay that way. No point in being just one grey person with no persona.

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Haha, Google realised my idea

I wrote that I wanted modularised mobile phones on the market, that you just switch components inside if something is supposed to be upgraded or replaced since it is broken. Now Google comes out with that phone. Does it mean they read my blog? Haha. If they do, like I said, my ideas that I share I usually say they are free to use and this was one of those. Google is rich. Now they surely will get richer, whilst I am still poor. Haha. I do not mind them realising my idea, I like the concept, it is better for the environment. This way you do not need to waste the environment, just replace what ever processor or memory you need. Read more about it on

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My professor was satisfied

I got praise for my investigation and questionaire. My professor thought it was high end. I know it was, afterall, I have worked with investigations and questionaires many times through my work life. I have made many of those so to speak. Since I have gotten paid in the past to do them I am hoping I have some skills. However making the litterature search I find the most boring. I am more for making resarch myself and investigate things myself. I am not much for finding out what other researchers say. I want to find out what people think. That is of course very unscientific from my part I guess. But I do not like reading litterature really, I never have. I find reading pretty boring, still I find myself reading a lot. However I do not think I have read complete books at any time during my studies really. I just read the interesting parts. Some books over the years have captured me to read the complete books. They are well written interesting books that make me want to read. It ain’t often bestsellers that I do want to read. My favorite books are very different from each others and in totally different categories. I right now have two books I am trying to read. I also have some fiction books about some teachings I am trying to read. However there always is some energy needed for something else. I cannot find myself to have energy to read them right now.

I have been giving away references here and there to all the interviewers. I do not like it. I have started to give written references instead. I think that I will do more of. It is easier somehow. I am tired of the employers calling my former colleagues. I do not want to bother them more than necessary. It seems that many accept them. However sometimes they want a specific reference. I decided to trust my summer job last year for one reference. If I do not get this summer job, then I know I cannot use them. However if I get it, then I know I can trust them. They have however at least accepted to give references. I hope they were satisfied. I hope they say exactly what is needed for me to get the summer job.

Speeders get to experience their own funeral

In this YouTube-film we can see how some people have been invited to an event. When they reach the event they realise they have been invited to their fictive funeral. Why? Because they are notoric speeders in traffic and their friends and family are worried they will get killed in traffic.

I do not know how much these people speed and if they are actually wreckless, but I guess, since they put on this show for them.


Science research complete

I have now compledted my science study, investigation, for my essay. I will just have to go through the statistics and see patterns now, if any. I have no idea if there are any patterns to see at all. If there are, then I will be interested to see what they are. If not, then I perhaps didn’t have the right way to ask the questions or perhaps there are no patterns to prove. Who knows? I will just have to see, won’t I?

It feels great to have completed that part of the essay.


I still have back pain, however much better now then last week. Last week one hour in bed resulted in me being totally handicapped and sometimes unmovable without assistance or crutial pain. Feels like the back is breaking in half. Then I had pain with movement in certain positions. Now I have pain all the time, but much less pain. Now I can move around, even though in some pain. However now I can stand the pain, last week it was terrible, but at least I was pain free in certain angles, now I have pain almost all the time, but then again, not that much pain.

I have also continued my study for my essay. I have made a paper for a investigation and handed it over to people who are going to answer the questionaire. After that I will analyse the results with the help of litterature.

I will have to lend books and research litterature. I am not up to it, but I will just have to. I haven’t worked last week, nor this week, how could I? I have looked and browsed jobs, however I only found one of interest. I have however been to three interviews last week and perhaps I will get one or more of those.

Next week I have put my self on schedule but since it is spring holidays I am thinking perhaps not many temps are needed. Companies have probably planned those for a while and won’t need a temp? Who knows. If I work I work, if not, then not.

Well. Now I will be off doing something. The garden looks nice, so that I will not have to do. I have cleaned the garden pretty well, even though having back pain. Movement makes the pain be less, at least last week. Now I do not know, I have light pain all the time now, but I guess this is a strange way to heal.

Hartbleed ain’t the only bug in the system

Hackers and Crackers continue to break into systems. The first thing many companies do is to try and cut costs on quality assurance. Companies try to instead reach deadlines and darken the fact that the system ain’t tested enough. Far to often companies cut on the quality assurance part. Some even hire the unexperienced people, that do not have the silent knowledge that comes with experience. Hence the cheaper employee is cheaper, and less qualified. A novis needs to be tought by the experienced once. Seldom this is the case. Companies try to cut costs and in the end it is you, the customer, that will be the victim for the technologies bad quality. You. Just because some boss thought it better that way. Products that are released before they are actually good enough happens in many companies, a majority of them I would say.

Well. So reading that Hartbleed has been used by NSA without letting SSL producers know about the security flaw just shows what goes first…in doesn’t surprise me. The benefit of the people isn’t in focus, no spying on others goes first. What a cynical world view. What poor judgement. No consideration to people who want to keep their integrity, none at all. Bad USA. All over again. To many times. I am disappointed.

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Jag håller med Edward om Nobelhuset

Jag tycker inte att gammal vacker sekelskiftesarkitektur ska rivas. De husen byggda då är riktiga hus, med generösa ytor, fönster, solida väggar och vackra detaljer. Alla nya hus är simpla i förhållande till det. Jag tycker inte att vi ska tillåta rivning av sekelskifteshus, för nästan inga av de moderna husen håller samma kvalité. De nya husen kommer inte kunna stå lika länge innan de förfaller och måste renoveras. Det är inte samma långsiktighet i designen på många nya hus. Sekelskifteshusen är vackra år efter år. Jag vill inte att vi river något sekelskifteshus, eftersom vi aldrig kommer bygga liknande kvalitetshus igen. Dagens hus innehåller inte samma hantverk. Hafsislafs och snabbyggda är vad de är. Så Edward Blom, jag håller med dig, det är en förlust att bygga Nobelhuset så att sekelskifteshuset Tullhuset måste sätta livet till.

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Peaches Geldof is dead

A young women, Peaches Geldof is dead. She was the daughter of Bob Geldof, a well-known musician. Her mother was the late Paula Yates, that died of drugs in the year 2000. Bob is known to have organised Live Aid to get money to food for Africa, according to

She is just another girl, that died to young, just like Amy Winehouse. With no apparent reason she seems to have died, at least until they do the autopsy. According to she has a tattoo with the word OTO on her body. That stands for a gnostic belief system, some say occult. If you read about it online, i.e. WIkipedia, you get to know it is about a belief in material and spiritual world. Not to different from other belief systems.

I read about OTO and in Sweden a company within hosting within IT owns the Swedish site, according to and

I am thinking that she was afterall belonging to the rich élite within at least the music world. She was a kid in that world. So if the élite are involved in mystic occult systems and somehow have connections within any industry, certainly the IT industry in Sweden at least… then I am wondering, what more?

Oto means eared in latin, according to Google translate. Why this kind of shortage? Perhaps they eavesdrop on the population through IT they own and this way they know how to manipulate us, so they get even richer? Who knows. What kind of world do they want? Why are people in the occult? What do they benefit from it? Think about it. What is the benefit of belonging to something? What is that something?

Since Bob is known to want to change the world, according to Expressen, in this case a better world. Then did Peaches take on that mission? Is the occult part of that, or what?

Why did she belong to the occult?

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