Summer job

Well, now I’ve got a summer job. I will work one month during the summer. In my old occupation, but another field. It will be enlightning and give me a new experience. Looking forward to that.

Now it is easter holidays in Sweden. This week. After that regular work starts again.

Well. Soon it is May. April really went passed fast, didn’t it?

I have been washing, washing and washing for a while. It seems like we couldn’t get enough laundry. All do to one pet getting strange every spring. I think it is all the smells outdoors, since it feels the smells outdoors it needs to go inside and pee in the bed and sofa. Not to nice, but I have water proof covers, all because of one old pet. Right now the pet isn’t allowed to be in the living room, the other pets are.

Well. Outdoors it is starting to look great. I have planted in my big flowers pots in the front yard now. On the backside I still need to attend to six flower pots. I have even taken out the outdoor furniture in the front yard. However nothing has happend in the back yard. They are really all out, but covered underneth a cover. We have no space to put them inside during the winter. To little space for storage of garden furniture.

The front yard and entrance look great and are ready for inspection. However the back yard isn’t. I am glad I have replaced all bushes that did die, both on the backside and frontside. It looks so much nicer when I have no dead bushes.

Well. My essay is coming a long. At least the study is finshed. I just need to find energy to complete the litterature search and that I have not yet attended. I find such things boring. Looking at other people’s research… or trying to find interesting research at least.

I have gotten reply from 2 of four interviews. I didn’t get one and I got the other. How the two other went I have no idea. None is permanent, just temporary work. I want one of them, the other I can no longer accept, since I already have a summer job.

I am also signed for temp jobs, if I get any, at the other agency. I have not yet logged into their system and put myself up on schedule.

I am tired, I have been doing garden work. I have been digging up stone and dirt. I still need to dig up at least some square meeters about 20 cm high. Since I only have the car, I can only take so much. I need to be able to lift the packages, so I need to go back and forth a couple of times. I already emptied six wheelbarrows. I still need to to probably as many more…. then I need to buy soil. I got my work cut out already. Just do it. Not fun, but must be done. Do you want to be my worker? No pay, of course. That is why I need to do it. I got tired after six wheelbarrows, so I ended it for the day.

So perhaps I will be free some weeks in June. If I get the other job, it starts off when the other ends, no free time. Then it continues for a few months. So not much summer holidays for me…


This day felt surely like Sunday. In Sweden we have had four holiday days. Easter is one of those weekends when regular workers in Monday-Friday jobs are off work four days.

It has been good, but since it is easter it mostly feels like four Sundays in a row. Many things are closed, whilst shopping malls are not. Easter is a religiour holiday remembering the death and resurection of Christ.

Well. I should really be working with the essay. However I have not been. I have just been attending regular home work this weekend. Cleaning, washing and such things. The kid has been spoiled this weekend. It has been able to visit to events and than my partners parents. So three things during a period of five days. Well. The kid will now be bored. Boredom is good too, otherwise they expect something to happen all the time. A kid that just wants attention all the time is annoying. They need to learn to amuse themselves in their own brains, so that the parents do not have to entertain them all the time.



Even the professors understand integrity is at threat in survaillanced society

Today there is an article in by some university professors. It is about the fact that the State of Sweden surveillance regular people’s Internet habits. The people in general want surveillance to be decided by the courts and not let everyone be surveillanced just because FRA does it. In the article they say it is like having dirty fingers in the in the flour. An English expression would be sticky fingers in the jar. I agree. I do not want anyone to know about my habits, since they can say what I think really. I want to have my thoughts to myself and not have any state eavesdropping on them. God gave me integrity, let me keep my thoughts to myself, without letting anyone else listen to them. What is the point of existence if people try to know what I am thinking all the time? If I write it, it is my choise. If I think it, it is my thought and nobody elses to know. Let us keep our integrity.

Democracy is at threat, just like the professors in write. I agree.

Surveillance and democracy is a bad match.

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Idag är det påskafton

En vanlig tradition för många på påskafton är att gömma ett eller flera påskägg och låta familjen/barnen leta efter det. Naturligtvis gör vi likadant. Så vårt barn fick leta påskägg idag. Det är inte helt lätt. Att leta betyder inte riktigt samma sak för en liten skit som för oss vuxna. Som ledtrådar får barnen fråga om det är fågel, fisk eller mittemellan. En fråga i taget såklart. En ledtråd. Sedan säger ledaren om det är varmt eller kallt. Ju kallare desto längre ifrån äggets gömställe är personen. Ju varmare, desto närmare är personen.

Så hittade barnet? Vi sa inte var den var, men visst var vi tvungna att förklara hur barnet letar noggrant. Den var lite menlös och tittade inte bakom, i, under och inuti saker så som man måste göra för att verkligen leta. Men som en del i leken fick vi lära den leta. Det är ju bra att kunna göra i framtiden. I år kom det inte naturligt med letandet, det är för slarvigt. Men kanske kommer det med åren. Jag vet skillnaden mellan att leta och leta. Det finns noggrant och det finns halvnoga osv. Skalorna är många.

Så har du lekt leken? Om inte, varför inte aktivera familjen, vännerna eller barnen i leken? Ha lite kul, behåll barnasinnet.

Happy easter

To all those that haven’t gotten a greeting for the easter holiday I say Happy Easter to you!

In Sweden it is tradition to be home. Some still go shopping in open markets. But it is a free day from work so to speak, at least for those that do not work in work places that have around the clock all year around staff. People still need health care and electricity and to be able to commute even when it is a free day. For those workers this day ain’t always free, if not scheduled from earlier of course.

This is a day to be with the family really. Eat at just be lazy. See Jesus movies that are sent on TV, or something else.

It feels like a Sunday. Tomorrow is easter evening, Påskafton as we call it. That is a day many have dinner with friends and family. They eat and give each other easter eggs. A easter egg can contain anything really, but usually candy is common. Those can be opened in the evening. Then you just hang with the dinner party and enjoy this time. Many people eat eggs. In Sweden we consume a lot of eggs during easter.

In the gardens the “påsklilja” usually is visible, a yellow flower that comes up and blossoms during easter. I have those in my garden as well. The trees have gotten knobs and in late April they are starting to blossom and get bigger leaves. Already many bushes have gotten small leaves.

Swedish nature is starting to wake up and soon we can enjoy a wonderful spring blossom in May. Then continuesly some flower in June, others later on and some even in the fall. Different flowers each period can be visible for a while. This makes Swedish nature something fantastic. In countries without changing seasons of weather like in Sweden, this is totally gone.

During easter we have four days of work, this is Friday-Monday. Some even get off early and only work half day on Thursday.

So if you ain’t got any plans and nobody gave you a happy easter greating – Happy easter to you!


Getting labled can mean problems in work life

A man in Stockholm got the diagnosis ADHD at adult age. He had been working 5 years for the company without any issues what so ever. When the man got his diagnosis he was reassigned to a new position. He was considered a risk by Transportstyrelsen, according to’s article. I think this is so bad. This is what I knew that these diagnosis just may result in discrimination. In this case the Swedish state. There is no benefit in getting diagnosis if people get reassigned and somehow “replaced” on the work market. Just overall bad, I think there is no good in labling people. It is like differentiating people from people. Just stupid. Why can we not just be different? What is the point in being the same. I see no fun in being like anyone else, because I am not. I am a unique human being and I prefer to stay that way. No point in being just one grey person with no persona.

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Haha, Google realised my idea

I wrote that I wanted modularised mobile phones on the market, that you just switch components inside if something is supposed to be upgraded or replaced since it is broken. Now Google comes out with that phone. Does it mean they read my blog? Haha. If they do, like I said, my ideas that I share I usually say they are free to use and this was one of those. Google is rich. Now they surely will get richer, whilst I am still poor. Haha. I do not mind them realising my idea, I like the concept, it is better for the environment. This way you do not need to waste the environment, just replace what ever processor or memory you need. Read more about it on

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My professor was satisfied

I got praise for my investigation and questionaire. My professor thought it was high end. I know it was, afterall, I have worked with investigations and questionaires many times through my work life. I have made many of those so to speak. Since I have gotten paid in the past to do them I am hoping I have some skills. However making the litterature search I find the most boring. I am more for making resarch myself and investigate things myself. I am not much for finding out what other researchers say. I want to find out what people think. That is of course very unscientific from my part I guess. But I do not like reading litterature really, I never have. I find reading pretty boring, still I find myself reading a lot. However I do not think I have read complete books at any time during my studies really. I just read the interesting parts. Some books over the years have captured me to read the complete books. They are well written interesting books that make me want to read. It ain’t often bestsellers that I do want to read. My favorite books are very different from each others and in totally different categories. I right now have two books I am trying to read. I also have some fiction books about some teachings I am trying to read. However there always is some energy needed for something else. I cannot find myself to have energy to read them right now.

I have been giving away references here and there to all the interviewers. I do not like it. I have started to give written references instead. I think that I will do more of. It is easier somehow. I am tired of the employers calling my former colleagues. I do not want to bother them more than necessary. It seems that many accept them. However sometimes they want a specific reference. I decided to trust my summer job last year for one reference. If I do not get this summer job, then I know I cannot use them. However if I get it, then I know I can trust them. They have however at least accepted to give references. I hope they were satisfied. I hope they say exactly what is needed for me to get the summer job.

Speeders get to experience their own funeral

In this YouTube-film we can see how some people have been invited to an event. When they reach the event they realise they have been invited to their fictive funeral. Why? Because they are notoric speeders in traffic and their friends and family are worried they will get killed in traffic.

I do not know how much these people speed and if they are actually wreckless, but I guess, since they put on this show for them.


Science research complete

I have now compledted my science study, investigation, for my essay. I will just have to go through the statistics and see patterns now, if any. I have no idea if there are any patterns to see at all. If there are, then I will be interested to see what they are. If not, then I perhaps didn’t have the right way to ask the questions or perhaps there are no patterns to prove. Who knows? I will just have to see, won’t I?

It feels great to have completed that part of the essay.