Kaleem needs your help

Saw a TV-program at Expressen about a boy with large hands in India. He didn’t get treatment, due to it cost money. However they went to the doctor in this program.

The doctor thinks it might be Akromegali. I think it sounds likely that his boy can have a mini tumor on the pituitary.

It is sad that not everybody can afford to go to the doctor. His father only makes 200 SEK a month and that is what I make working 1,5 hours at my temp job. It shouldn’t be like that. Everybody should be able to get treatment, no matter how rich we are.

His daddy is now pleading for your help.

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A message to Lindsay Mills

I think the images in the series of the article are just like a message. Since Edward Snowden’s girlfriend was left all by her self when he ran off to the world, he also left her. According to NY Daily News they were planning marriage and everything.

So I looked at the images and read the article in the wired and thought of the images a bit odd, or at least to have a purpose. So I read them simply from top to button, without any interpretation this time. It turned out as a message for L, which I am guessing is Lindsay Mills, Ed’s girlfriend that he left.

This is the message for Lindsay, said to be a ballet dancer before she started dancing the pole. She is said to be a former ballet dancer in the article in NY Daily News.

He wants to protect and hold the baby
He looks out the hotel window
He is thinking of you L (Lindsay Mills)
He holds you in his mind
He wants you by his side
As a couple
He sees you
You are like a swan ballet dancer in the east
He will secure your back

The swan for me is at least a ballet dancer. One of the images in the wired is so obviously a swan.
So Lindsay Mills, why do you not go to Russia, be the ballet dancer you are? Live with your man there. Russia is a large country. He surely seems to be missing you.

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