Israel has brought wraith up on themselves

Message from the Bible to Israel:

“Jag skall låta det gå med din ätt som det gick med Jerobeams, Nevats sons, ätt och Bashas, Achias sons, ätt. Och detta därför att du har väckt min vrede och förlett Israel till synd.” (1 Kung 21)

Translation of above:

I will let your faith be the same as for Jeroboam Nevats, Bashas and Achias sons, descendants and lineage. This is because you in Israel have brought my anger and enticed Israel to sin.

This is written in the Bible and we can see it as a in description of what is going on in Israel. They are sinning since they have killed 1000′s of people in Palestine. What Israel is doing is just wrong. Hamas is no better. They are both sinners.

Honestly, do you think you have the right to kill 1000 people just like that?

Short film – Waste

This is Waste by Future shorts at YouTube. They have visualised how much we use everyday. It is like we do not see it… and we do not seem to care either… this film clearly shows us how little we care.


Invented his own summer job

Some boys decided they wanted a more flexible summer job, so they started their own company. They repair Iphones. It is good to keep an Iphone and not buy a new one if it happens to break. So leaving it for a repair shop is a smart idea for the environment. We need to repair more than we do. Parts need to be easy repairable and when not, easy replaceable. It is not sustainable for the environment to throw away stuff really.

So the boys did a good thing, starting their own repair services. Also they create a new job to a demand that exists.


Plastic fantastic – Short film

This film is named Plastic by Sandy Widyanata and it somewhat values our plastic fantastic world of ours within what is considered beautiful and what is not. It is about what we think is a better us considering looks, but in the end it is about what counts.


Short film

You do not need to understand a word in this film, however since it is a film with some English words, you understand it anyway. The film has a point and in the end that is written in English, so if you see the complete film you will understand what the short film maker is saying.

I think it is a bit funny the little girl wears her shoes inverse. Our kid does that often and I have to tell it to fix it, however sometimes I let the kid look like Donald Duck anyway.


Flooding in Stockholm

Yesterday I wasn’t the only one that has some issues with water. The subway flooded in Stockholm. Also parks got sunk in water. Stores were drowned in water. People on the roads got stuck in water so cars stopped running. A big cruiser broke loose and started to drift. An air plane was struck by lightning. Even the rats come up from the underground, fleeing for their lives. Many rats will drown because of the floodings. We can say that the water really was pouring down for a while in enormous amounts of water. This clearly shows our way of life doesn’t work when nature decides that. Imagine that water, simple rain, can set out modern society out of focus.

More rain is expected. Class 1 weather warning has been reported by SMHI. That means large amounts of water, thunder and lightning.

Sweden hasn’t been the only country with this kind of weather, no I have read about Italy also having such weather in the media. Most likely some more countries to.

You can see films on Aftonbladet and Expressen links down below.

Soucr 20140729:

Americans claim Russians are firing against Ukraine

According to Americans claim they have proof that Russians are firing from Russia against military troops. At least their evidence from satellites claims that. If this happens to be true, then we should declare that Russia is at war with Ukraine. Who benefits from the evidence being true? It depends on the outcome. Evidence can be “invented”, as well as the ones that have everything to lose on the truth coming out can try to miscredit the truth.

Source 20170729:

Sci-fi short film about a future

I found this short film on YouTube and it is a scary version of Google glasses becoming Google lenses. It is about the fact that you could have all the information from a computer in your contact lenses. This film is about a guy that uses a dating application and everything in life is a game, where he is trying to score perfect. Imagine being controlled by applications from developers. Uack. I think this is a scary version of the future that could be if we do not watch out.


Some ad campains are strange

YouTube presents clips to us users and we all get different ones. I got this strange clip suggested. It looks like a film, but could be game. In Cologne they hold a gaming event each year and it seems connected to that.

I haven’t analysed it, or written anything about it, I have however looked at it.

I am however no gamer, so YouTube could really skip all the gaming ads for me, however they seem to cloud all of Youtube. I find games so boring. I never play games, I do not even buy games. My partner plays, but not me. I only play if I get paid. I have worked with a gaming company in the past. I got paid for testing their games. I do it only for work, nothing else. I haven’t found games that are interesting enough to play.


More about it:

Efter regn kommer solsken

Jag hade som sagt ett missöde med öppet fönster i skyfallet som kom över Stockholm. Blött tak och golv som följd. Nåväl, en del har visst drabbats ännu mer. En Finlandsfärja slet sig i hamnen, i Nacka fick det översvämningar osv. Det verkar varit ett ordentligt skyfall med mycket regn. Efter regnet kom en vacker strålande blå himmel. Nu har vädret passerat revy och jag har suttit i trädgården och njutit.

Kul var att när vi satt och åt smaskens i trädgården med sällskap så passerade en helikopter rätt nära. Den var knallgul med blått märke på stjärten. Undrade vad det var för helikopter. Kan varit en vårdhelikopter, militär- eller polishelikopter. Jag hade inte kikare, så jag kunde inte se vad märket föreställde.

Nu skiner solen och det är jättevackert väder. Nu har naturen fått sitt välbehövda regn, så de kan fortsätta växa och prunka i solskenet.