Dressing up for Halloween

I dressed up the kid for kindergarten. I sent and black eyed white painted face with red lips to kindergarten. The kindergarten teacher asked me if they were allowed to wash it off if some kids would be terrified. However the kid looked more like a panthomine artist.

At home it took a shower and took on some clothes with the text “mommies little monster”. Then we went to the store and shopped some face colours. So at home I painted the kid to a little monster. I made some horns. Put on a black piece of clothes and the kid and I went around the garden and said trick or treat in Swedish.

Before I got to paint the kid, we had some ringing our door bell saying “bus eller godis” (trick or treat). We went to the house holds with kids, since we know they are more into it. Then we went home, with a bag all filled with candy. The kid has eaten candy like a madman. No candy tomorrow. Otherwise the kid eats candy on Saturdays only.

One of the neighbours has surely taken Halloween seriously. Their house is spoked out. And they were also dressed, with one eye ripped out-make up and a knife rough the head on the other. Scary.

In one house the kid had locked itself inside the bathroom, scared of our kid. Haha. I put on a mask and one parent thought I looked scary, even though my mask was all white. Perhaps that was what made it scary… I don’t know.

Well. This is was some of todays events.

El Salvador punished women for miscarriage

The teenage mums sentence was 30 years, since she had a miscarriage in 7th month. Instead of getting help at the El Salvador hospital the police came and arrested her for miscarriage, according to Omni.

How can miscarriage be illegal? It is totally up to nature is a women has a miscarriage. The article says it was a miscarriage and not an illegal abortion.

How terrible. Having to suffer miscarriage and then be punished for it.



Swedish hospital fires leading heart surgeon for children

Sometimes I think that some hospitals are stupid. Skånes University hospital has fired one of few heart surgeons specialist in childrens heart surgery. They think he was illojal since he has helped design a private hospital in Lund. The hospital thinks he has seriously injured their buisiness, according to Aftonbladet.se.

This just shows us that not even some of the best can do what they want. It is like the institutions and companies in Sweden think they own people. We are no different than the “livegna” back in the dark ages. However considering what type of contracts companies write to even simple telemarketing sales people, according to Uppdrag granskning, I am not suprised.

I have also had terrible contract offers, however nowadays I don’t agree to such contracts. Competitive clauses can simply just **** off. I won’t write on such on contracts. If my salary isn’t a million a year, nobody can tell me not to work somewhere else. Just saying. I can do whatever I want in my spare time, if the company cannot accept that, that is no company for me.

I only accept strange contract for some project jobs, however never a “permanent” job on such conditions. I must still be a free person in my spare time. It should be up to me what I use my spare time to. If people are not allowed to do what they want in their spare time I see them as slaves. Companies enslaving people. That is bad. Nobody owns anybody else. It is not better than being handcuffed.

Skånes Universitetssjukhus borde växa upp. Det verkar inte riktigt klokt att sparka en av Sveriges få specialistläkare i barnhjärtkirurgi. De har de gjort för att han ansågs illojal, enligt Aftonbladet. Vi är väl inte livegna i alla fall? Med tanke på hur Skånes universitetssjukhus beter sig så verkar de tro att anställda är slavar och inte får göra vad de vill på sin fritid. Jag trodde inte vi var slavar längre, men allt för många företag och organisationer verkar vilja tycka att anställda ska vara slavar 24-7. Vad är det för fel på samhället vi lever i? Konkurrensklausuler borde förbjudas i lag.

Arbetsmarknaden i Sverige är sjuk. Det vet vi. Ingen verkar göra något åt det. Mesproppssverige, där alla bara är slavar om man inte tillhör en styrande elit, som kan göra vad de vill med mespropparna…




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